(Photo by Laurent Orseau)


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On February 4th, synth-punk artist Christophe Clébard will be releasing his final album titled SSS via a collaborative effort with Italian boutique tape label, Commando Vanessa. It will be co-released in different formats with Maison De Retraite,  Bloc Note and Swallowing Helmets. Today we have the pleasure of streaming the album ahead of tomorrow’s release.

The album “revolves around a sense of restless personal frustration.” Where… “the music becomes the medicine, a therapy that helps to come out of oneself: pop to dispel the pain of the soul, noise to try to forget.” Clébard channels this sense of restless personal frustration fluidly into his music which induces a palette of emotions upon its first listen. From unease to quiet anticipation, this synth-ladened album is a work of art from start to finish. Listen to it here: 

Pre-order the album here: https://commandovanessa.bandcamp.com/album/sss

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