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On February 14th Houston-based new wave/post-punk duo Mantra Love will be releasing a new single titled ‘Ben Dover’. Today, we have the pleasure of premiering the track ahead of its debut tomorrow. The track was entirely written and recorded by the brother duo, Derek and Fabian Silva, and mixed and mastered by Ty Robins. “This song tells a story of a fictional person named Ben Dover. We can all feel like Ben sometimes as life has a way of trying to drag us further away from the person we want to be. No matter how much we dream, we need to actually play the game of life to get closer to our ideal self. Nobody asked to play this game but here we are… playing.”

The track has an infectious head-bopping groove made possible by a great bassline and steady drumbeat. Once the vocals start it becomes an introspective smooth listening ride. The guitar work takes on a character of its own with its quirky, warbly bits. The lyrics ring true, making the listener reflect on the eternal question of who am I and what am I here for? A great listen on many levels. Check it out here…

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