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On March 12th Ottawa-based psych-punk band Slow Dawn are set to release their third album titled Experimental Farm. It will be their first album pressed on wax. The jackets for the record were hand-printed by Scott M. Thompson at The Dirty Print House. If you are a psych fan you will also know Scott from the band, The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol. Scott also plays space horns on this album. The band also collaborated with Rachel Weldon (cello) who heads up Debaser, Erik Johnson Scherger (viola) and Matt Munro (saxophone) who also plays bass in the tour lineup for the band GINNY.

Today we have the pleasure of premiering the fifth track off the album titled ‘Tangerine’. Its live off the floor sound makes for a raw listening experience. The bassline is infectious and the climax is incredible, wait for it at around the 3:53 mark. Just all around powerful instrumentation. The band is in the pocket with this one.


The band will be having their record release party on March 12th at the legendary Dominion Tavern. Check out event details here:

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