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Together with her 8-piece group, Philadelphia-based singer-songwriter, trumpeter and teacher Taylor Kelly has released four albums, her most recent entitled Up Up and Away which was released in August of last year.  Both her sound and her voice are a blend of jazz, soul and funk all rolled into one and her songwriting “tells tales of truth in hopes to inspire many to love, live and let go.”

Today we have the pleasure of premiering her latest single, ‘The Fire’, ahead of tomorrow’s release. It’s a beautiful introspective track about loss, friendship and pushing past whatever holds you back. Taylor explains, “I approached ‘The Fire’ from a very dark but hopeful place after losing my dear friend and guitarist Sam Riessen. Up until I sat down to write this song, I was having a hard time processing my feelings and how this loss really affected me. Of course, I was sad, but this song helped me internalize the impact he’s left on me and our community and the legacy he leaves behind. This song is to say that hardship can fuel you to do what you love and push past fear even more than prosperity can. It’s not until you lose someone that you know how to use what you have- that your time on earth is indeed limited. I wanted to capture the energy, vibrancy and passion that Sam had- the energy, vibrancy and passion that I feel more strongly every day since his passing. Sam is truly the fire that will never go out and if I want to live my life truly and fully, I will walk through that fire.”

Listen to ‘The Fire’ below.

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