Une balle dans le pied by Throane

Release date: October 16, 2020
Label: Debemur Morti Productions

There is something I find gripping about weird and spooky heavy music, it probably reflects my preference of psychological thriller films more than the traditional horror. The constant atmosphere of fear is what has me on the edge of my seat and musically I just love twisted vocals which act as instrumentation in a tapestry of terror. Throane fits this theme beautifully and already has two spectacular albums of dense soundscapes and thick blackened metal. On new track Une Balle Dans Le Pied, Dehn Sora has once again created a superbly bleak and murky song which never lets up the pursuit of discomfort.

Dehn Sora is a man of many talents from his extraordinary artwork for the likes of Amenra, Deathspell Omega, Latitudes, Blut Aus Nord and Terra Tenebrosa to his musical output as Treha Sektori. Throane is his release point for the most negative and angry of thoughts and this is very telling in the music. There is a constant oppression made from feedback whilst the guitars build a huge cavernous atmosphere which the drums can only echo off. Vocals are layered and twisted melting from pained screams to dark murmurings. The music is abstract with layers of sounds dragging the song off in tangents whilst remaining confined in the nightmare and even when the music creates space it still feels claustrophobic.


The music is powerful without ever having to be fast or riff heavy thanks to that dense sound and the chopping and changing nature means attention is never allowed to mo away from the music. Une Balle Dans Le Pied does have a few moments of reprieve, but it never ceases to be menacing as the quiet drone sweeps like a cloud before guitars come buzzing back in. This is black metal in the sense of it being gloriously dark but there isn’t a blast beat in sight. The guitar tone is vicious, and it constantly drowns itself in pushing the wall of sound around the track.

There aren’t many bands that manage to cloak themselves in such pungent atmosphere and none come near the claustrophobia that Throane unleashes. Une Balle Dans Le Pied is another fine example of the depths of creativity of Dehn Sora and unleashes music as mind-bending as his artwork. The various movements within the single track ensure it always stays fresh as the unexpected reappearance of the heavier sounds are impossible to predict. I can only hope Throane continues releasing music as none of it has disappointed me thus far.

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