Driven by his personal experience as a migraine sufferer, S. McLean‘s debut EP Between Heart and Lung serves as an exploration of how the post-migraine state affects the listening experience. Video premiere, ‘As You Consume My Oxygen’ is the first of the EP’s four raw sonic snapshots – an introduction to the multi-textural sounds created in these post migraine states while focussing on post-processing as a creative component.

S. McLean writes: “In the beginning there was silence, and then, in 1989 in Scotland I was born and thankfully, I could hear. This developed into a childhood filled with music, which kicked off with prog rock and 70s hardrock (thanks Dad) and a daily key-bashing regime after a keyboard appeared in my living room at the age of 10.

“As a teenager I started playing in and producing a number of bands, eventually forming Falloch in 2010. This project gave me the opportunity to tour and play festivals across Europe as well as gaining experience in numerous recording studios. In 2013 I was awarded funding from Creative Scotland to produce our second album, enabling me to promote Scottish music and art to an international audience.

“Since 2017 I have been based in Dresden, Germany, where I’ve become involved in the local scene as a session musician and producer, continuing to work in an ever expanding range of genres.”

Between Heart And Lung was released on October 30 and is available on Bandcamp

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