Aberration by Aberration

Release date: January 15, 2021
Label: Sentient Ruin Laboratories

Minnesota based darkness purveyors Aberration make a terrifying impact with their self-titled debut mini album released on Sentient Ruin, featuring three cacophonous tracks of unrelenting dread filled to the brim with a devouring sense of claustrophobia. Formed recently in 2019 by members of Void Rot, Suffering Hour, Nothingness and Tvaer, Aberration play the bone-chilling genre of raw and blackened death metal awash with the soul-consuming soundscapes of impending doom.

Forgoing track names for numerals Aberration kick off with ‘I’ lurching into immediate chaos through a wickedly dissonant plague of toned-down blast beats and atonal guitar work. Drums clatter as stringwork swarms and bestial vocals bellow from the depths of its dizzying maelstrom… simplistic… yet devastating. The EP’s longest track ends much as it begins, with brutal bursts of bruising skin-beating madness, which is preceded by the ominous cry of tremolos that scream to unleash unseen monstrosities.

‘II’ churns out more Lovecraftian horrors with cavernous vocals and crawling, doom-bringing instruments that usher in sporadic fits of rage and deep, hearty chugging riffs. The EP’s shortest track ends too soon yet conjures up a few ghastly images nicely. ‘III’ wastes no time in mauling your ears with an opening salvo of violent blast beats and droning guitars that melt into one horrid attack on the senses. Old school death metal echoes and a doom-paced, Cthulhu-sized instrumental stomp sees you off into worlds unknown.

There are some sweet solos hidden within the density of the music, which adds to the overall atmospherics the band play in, like a King-esque thick and impenetrable mist of horrific creatures. The weight of this though can be all-consuming, so at times the guitars sink into the muddiness of the production. A cleaner mix will allow those intentionally droning guitars to swarm in destructive aural cleanliness with a little more clarity next time around.

Aberration shows enough of the ‘good stuff’ during their quick 14 minutes that any fledgling band needs to thrive in the darkness of metal. The three tracks on offer here showcase their mission statement and gains a glimpse of the atrocities they could unleash with a full-length… hell, I’d take another 14 minutes of this though! The band creates a dismal, suffocating atmosphere which does, as mentioned before, evoke a Lovecraftian feel. Whether this is their intention I don’t know but their sound feels immersed in the gargantuan horrors of stygian depths.

Aberration have kicked off their life with one hell of a banger and have unleashed a whopping mini rager that’ll surely compete with the best. Over three tracks Aberration convey a palpable hellscape of vivid crawling terror and show a vast imagination in their nuanced songwriting, perfect for any metal head to dream darkly in under their audial blanket of unseen nightmares. Time will tell, but these Outergods of blackened doom are set to light the world ablaze.

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