Zeahorse are a four-piece psychy noise-rock band from Sydney formed in 2010. For the past decade they have built a strong dynamic and immersive live experience that has earnt them a loyal and underground following across Australia. Living in different states, writing and recording when it suits, their sonic evolution has ignored fleeting fashions in favour of a genuine energy to make music with one another and continually refine their craft.

After over four years away from the studio, Zeahorse’s much-anticipated third record Let’s Not (And Say We Did) kicks off with a headbutt from a meathead dressed in surprisingly-fine Egyptian cotton and then only lets up occasionally so you can check your stupid phone with the cracked screen. It is the sound of gleefully setting alight a skip bin of discarded How to Win Friends and Influence People paperbacks.

Frontman Morgan Anthony writes: “We wrote the album over a few years. Having a member living in Tasmania has its challenges but also it forced us into a new way of writing via correspondence; we had more time to sit on a riff/idea than if we were just writing in a rehearsal room. I think this really gave the record its character.

“For the album cover, originally the idea was to spray paint the album title on a wall and photograph it but the more we sat on the idea the more it became too obvious, too literal. So, we went down a more abstract path, I feel like the painting has a chaos that’s somewhat structured which seems slightly similar to the way the record sounds.

“The lyrics [of ‘Cut the Slack’] are a reflection on a toxic relationship, how one person can suck the life out of another.”


Everyone is at your service, we’ve all got a part to play in your circus
I never know you could play the strings, I guess you were born to lose and she was born to win

Tension on top tension always second best, I know I couldn’t cut the slack
Pressure on top pressure the world’s gonna hold you down
I’m strong but I couldn’t live like that

Stick around to light the fire, there’s always a sense that its sucking the life out of you
It’s like the training wheels never left errrrr, it’s hard to move forward when your looking behind you

You cry, you never lie [x2]

Cut the slack, cut the slack
I should take the fall but what’s the point in that

Zeahorse‘s new album Let’s Not (And Say We Did) is released on January 29 via Copper Feast Records and can be ordered here

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