Skyboxer by Coma Girls

Release date: January 29, 2021
Label: Baby Robot Records

What would a sky boxer be? Somebody who boxes with open (clear) air, or fluffy white clouds? Possibly, or Atlanta’s Coma Girls had something completely else in mind when they gave such a title to their latest EP. But even if they did, that is exactly how these four tunes sound like – light airy, and fluffy. All in the good sense of those words.

It seems that Coma Girls are one of those bands that went through a few sonic changes, never truly deciding which one they prefer. In the end, they decide to combine them all in their songs. In quite a number of cases that can turn into a pretty messy affair, with styles fighting for their own space and none winning.


On Skyboxer Coma Girls go for the alt-country/jangly pop combinations, and luckily for them and all their listeners are able to make it work. In that respect, the song ‘Halfway Home’ can serve as an object lesson on how to do it. 

Now, such a combo is not something that doesn’t have any precedents, but where Coma Girls excel is at injecting their own personality and take on both of these genres. Band mastermind Chris Spino says that the EP “really turns into a sonic circus,” since his intention was “to bend that a little bit and push it into territory that gets stranger and feels bigger and explores different sounds,” but still stays in the realm of pop songs.

Sounds easier than done, but Spino and his Coma Girls manage to thrill their listeners and not throw them into a real coma along the way.

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