Blues and Pinks by WaxFeet

Release date: January 29, 2021
Label: Self-Released

Since their introduction, genre terms like trip-hop and downtempo have been both used and abused. This mainly comes down to the fact that many artists working within such descriptions have contained themselves within certain patterns and cliches, turning something that was initially interesting and exciting into wallpaper muzak that often goes under the lounge umbrella used to cover up lack of imagination.

These days, it is quite hard to find an artist willing to be labeled under the above terms and trying to push the boundaries, or at least breathe some fresh air into the genre. Luckily, Waxfeet and their Blues and Pinks album could be exactly that breath of fresh air downtempo, trip-hop, or whatever you want to call it needs these days.


The duo did not just drop onto the scene out of thin air. Waxfeet himself started out as far back as the late ’70s on the Minneapolis music scene and was joined by producer Patrick Brede, now the band member and engineer. You can guess where Waxfeet is going by taking into account that the band name itself derives from surf terminology. Add to that the album cover and you could guess the direction the things are going once you hear a single note. But, then, you certainly should.

The duo certainly stick behind their words: “We often ask ourselves: to chill, or not to chill? There is enough commotion in life without jacking up brain waves further. We are driven to write music that heals. Without words.” And that is exactly what they do here. The musical elements they employ might sound familiar, but what Waxfeet has done is shuffle their musical deck of cards using their extensive experience to make it sound new, refreshing, and… relaxing. Something we certainly need in good doses these days.

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