Alter Echoes by Triptides

Release date: March 19, 2021
Label: Alive Naturalsound Records

I have enjoyed LA band Triptides for a number of years now, and this sprightly new offering is icing on the delectable psych pop they excel at. You will be instantly reminded of The Byrds, but these folks bring their own brand of jangle pop to the table, however well worn it might be. And in this pandemic still plaguing us, it is so refreshing and calming to hear upbeat music. The band is led by multi-instrumentalist Glenn Brigman, with drummer Brendan Peleo-Lazar, and bassist/guitarist Stephen Burns. The sound is bright and clean, and good production abounds.


Opening track ‘Another Dream’ is a pleasant buzz that will instantly lift your spirits. Follow-on track ‘It Won’t Hurt You’ is a Byrdsian daydream with light bongo work and vocals that remind of Michael Quercio (Three O’Clock). A splendid West Coast sound with a surf vibe. ‘Do You Ever Wonder’ is massively trippy and fun. The vocals alternate between hallucinogenic and a straightforward treatment. ‘Let It Go’ is instant hit material, and I love the light vocals on this tune. ‘Hand of Time’ hovers between fuzzed out psych and garage rock. Another melodic winner with memorable lyrics!

‘Shining’ is mellow and languorous, music that will transport you to the height of summer even as winter still nips at our toes. ‘Having a Laugh’ is like a lost 70s track from a vintage band. In fact, the band reminds me a lot of Spirit on this track, both vocally and with the keyboard sound. ‘She Doesn’t Want to Know’ reminds of Odessey and Oracle era Zombies, and is just lovely. ‘Now and Then’ is light-hearted surf pop, and is a fine end to a delightful record. Keep up the great work!

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