S/T by Electric Treatment Free

Release date: May 9, 2021
Label: Self-Released

How many solo electronic artists are there? By the number of releases, you would think millions. All you need (except love) is some quality computer setup, good software, and a decent recording system and you’re up and running. At least that is how it seems these days.

But, if things were only that simple. How about some musical training and knowledge, and above all, talent and ideas? Well, there, you can kind of make a good shortlist. And still, new names with some interesting ideas and touches would crop up practically on a daily basis.

Well, here’s one in that category who you can add to that list. Mark Uygur, who goes under the moniker of Electric Treatment Free has just come up with his initial, self-titled EP that seems to draw ideas from all over the place.


Those with a bit of a longer musical memory might have filed in their system Burnt Weeny Sandwich, Frank Zappa’s last album under The Mothers of Invention moniker, where he introduced little bits and pieces of musical ditties as his homage to the likes of Igor Stravinsky, Edgar Varese, and John Cage.

Well, that is where Uygur comes in, but adding bits and pieces of Zappa’s own instrumental oeuvre and turning that prog/avant-garde classic pieces as pieces for electronics and piano. And while it sounds like something utterly inaccessible and hermetic, Uygur makes it all sound easy on the ear, slicing and splicing in pieces of speaking bits as if he has a few of those Faust collage albums in his collection too.

At the same time, Uygur uses this introductory Electric Treatment Free EP as a sort of a teaser for (greater?) things to come, without overstaying his welcome.

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