Re: Moving (Music For Choreographies By Yin Yue) by Machinefabriek

Release date: September 9, 2021
Label: Phantom Limb

Rotterdam’s Rutger Zuydervelt, aka Machinefabriek not only has an extensive output of releases but has established himself as one of the more influential and innovative forces in modern electronically-oriented music.

Why electronically oriented, and not just electronic music in all its shapes and sizes. One simple reason – Machinefabriek does not only work in a multitude of genres stemming from the term ‘electronic,’ but has often crossed into the avant-garde realms of both jazz and modern classical music. Of course, even with those excursions, there is always an ‘electronic’ line running through all of his music and compositions.

This is particularly the case with his latest release, ‘Re: Moving (Music For Choreographies By Yin Yue).’ As the additional part of the album title might indicate, the two pieces that make up the album were scheduled for dance performances ultimately canceled by COVID, leaving Zuydervelt’s soundtracks just as a listening experience for the potential audience.

As you might expect with music and compositions that are to accompany any and all forms of dance, it includes very distinctive rhythm patterns. No exceptions with ‘The Music for A Measurable Existence’ and ‘Re: Moving’ here. Yet, as is usually the case with Machinefabriek’s music in general, those rhythmic patterns do not always coincide with what could be called ‘standard’ rhythmic patterns associated with electronic beats.

In combination with Zuydervelt’s usual concept of making incongruous sounds work exactly in the opposite direction, it makes ‘Re: Moving’ an exciting listening experience just as is, without the dance performances it was initially created for.

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