Photo: Kim Ambriz

DTS 25 is an expanded reissue of Big’n’s Steve Albini-recorded album, first released in 1996 and freshly remastered by Carl Saff with the addition of many previously unheard demos..

Digitally restored from an unearthed cassette tape labeled “AmRep Demos“, ‘Moonshine’ was the first track found from the infamous Discipline Through Sound demo sessions, which at one point were to be the album versions. Consisting of eight songs: ‘Moonshine’, ‘Dry, El Diablo III’, ‘Lucky 57’, ‘Dying Breed’, ‘White Russian’, ‘Cuss’ and ‘King of Mexico’, five of them were digitally restored and mastered from their sole living source. These versions live alongside a beautifully remastered and reimagined Discipline Through Sound as a 2LP 25th Anniversary Edition to be released April 1, 2022 via New York City label Computer Students™. This expanded reissue comes with an enormous amount of new musical detail and minutia uncovered for the ears to feast upon for the first time, giving this classic album new breath. 

Moonshine is one of those rare gems of a song. Essentially the blueprint for how we write songs. Big’n-101. Lyrically, it was the heart of my youth. True story.
William Akins – Big’n
DTS 25 is released on April 2022 and is available now for preorder here

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