Madness by POLIÇA

Release date: June 3, 2022
Label: Memphis Industries

POLIÇA is a Minneapolis-based project consisting of singer Channy Leaneagh, producer Ryan Olson, bassist Chris Bieren, and drummers Ben Ivascu and Drew Christopherson. This new release, their fifth, dropped on June 3rd and was recorded between 2020 and 2021 in Olson’s studio, with lyrics written and recorded by Channy. The group has been through a lot, including physical injury and emotional trauma. This comes out a bit in Channy’s work here.

The ominous sounding ‘Alive’ opens things up, and you are instantly entranced by the eerie sonic tapestry that grabs you by the throat. Considering that Channy fell off a roof and injured her spine, the song title may say it all. But also consider that this work was created during the height of COVID, and you are left grateful to still be here listening to this piece. It is a successful album opener that I like quite a lot. The equally gripping ‘Violence’ follows up, and Channy’s sultry vocals curl warmly around a hazy background. It is quite possibly the best song here, but the jury is still out. By comparison, the psychedelic feel of ‘Away’ is positively giddy. Swirling, upbeat music paired with a lovely vocal is a great combination.

The title track ‘Madness’ is the perfect soundtrack for a billowing daydream, replete with clouds and rainbow mists. It meanders like a lazy river lapping at its banks. ‘Blood’ is another fine, electronic slice, both dreamy and a bit like jumping down the Alice rabbit hole. You never know what might be around the corner. ‘Fountain’ also mines the trippy vein of electronica, a style that works well here. It could well be soundtrack music, given its sparkling surface and echoing vocals. The final track of this work is ‘Sweet Memz’, which reminds a tad of the work Talk Talk did in the 90s. There are also elements of jazz interspersed with the dance beats. Once again, POLIÇA has succeeded in offering listeners a compelling and dreamlike work of excellence. Highly recommended for fans of trippy electronica and for anyone who has followed the group to date.

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