Extended Play No 1 by Twin Color

Release date: December 2, 2022
Label: InFiné Music

Behind the self-telling EP title, Extended Play No 1, and seemingly anonymous artist name, Twin Color, lies one of the forward-looking innovators in modern electronic music – Mexican producer Murcof.

There are probably a few reasons Fernando Corona, aka Murcof decided to take on a new moniker for this project. The first lies in the fact that this is a collaboration with Simon Geilfus, once of the Belgian A/V crew AntiVJ.

The second, the probably more important one, lies in the fact that Murcof decided to take his forward-thinking concepts of electronic music and apply them to the electronic music of his youth, the music he was able to hear and listen to on the radio stations in the Tijuana and San Diego of his youth – stations such as 91X (FM) and the Mighty 690 (AM) – as well as bands such as OMD, Depeche Mode, Thompson Twins, Book of Love, Ultravox.


Murcof explains. “I started working on Twin Color during the 1st wave of the pandemic, back in early/mid-2020. I was playing around in the studio trying to come up with some ideas for a possible new Murcof album. Those first sketches were a bit Murcofy, but very soon afterwards it became obvious this was something else and that indeed it required its own unique name.”

Yet, these melancholic looks at the music of Murcof’s youth are still wrapped in his recognisable expansions that give this nostalgic excursion a definite personal touch.

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