Interview: Siege of Power

When you take a look with a realistic view on the world and how incredible bad and unbelievable stupid "our" politicians are with all their draconic decisions one gets a really somber, angry and dark feeling.

Siege of Power take no prisoners on their new album This Is Tomorrow and its full on blast of grinding Venom/Bathory worship takes on an apocalyptic turn on this record. The band feature members of Asphyx, Autopsy and Hail of Bullets and the unholy melding of all those bands results in a fearsome mix. Gavin Brown caught up with Siege of Power drummer Bob Bagchus who talked us through This Is Tomorrow and a host of other musical endeavours.

E&D: Your new album This Is Tomorrow is out now. How excited are you to be getting this album out?      

Bob: Well, yes since it is a sort of a musical baby. We love to get our hands on the vinyl!     

E&D: It’s been five years since your debut album Warning Blast. What has changed for Siege of Power in that time? 

Bob: Not too much really. We do not play live or even practise so it was a relaxed period until we decided to record another album with Siege of Power.

E&D: What have the band members been up to in that time? 

Bob: Well, Paul did record a new Asphyx album and did tons of shows, Chris did a new Autopsy album as well, I recorded a new Infidel Reich album, in fact two, and Theo did not record anything, if I remember it correctly.

E&D: How did it feel to get Siege of Power back together for this album and how did the process start? 

Bob: It felt really great and it was the time for a new record too. Paul started to send new songs and they got us very enthusiastic  to do a new record again.

E&D: Do the band feel reenergised after having that break on between albums? 

Bob: Yes, absolutely. We got the energy to do another record and it felt it was the right time too.

E&D: How did the recording of the album go and were you all together despite the various locations of the band members?

Bob: Paul and me went into the studio first to record my drums and after that the studio send the drum tracks with the guide guitar to Paul’s own studio and there he recorded the guitars and Theo did the bass there too. After that all was done Paul send the tracks to Chris and he recorded the vocals in the studio of the bass player of Autopsy. The they got mixed and mastered.


E&D: What has been the biggest influence on the songs on This Is Tomorrow

Bob: Most probably the state of the world and the horrible politics which comes with it.

E&D: Did you always want to make an even darker and heavier album with this record than your debut? 

Bob: It was not planned but it did turn out that way and it does sound exactly how we feel at the moment.

E&D: Was the darker feeling a direct result of the chaos that has changed the world in recent years? 

Bob: Absolutely! When you take a look with a realistic view on the world and how incredible bad and unbelievable stupid “our” politicians are with all their draconic decisions one gets a really somber, angry and dark feeling. So you can better make an album than shoot the bastards. 

E&D: Can you tell us about the cover for the album which was done by Roberto Toderico and how it relates to the songs on This Is Tomorrow

Bob: The cover represents our view on the world exactly. The evil force driving the mass population to chaos.

E&D: Have you had any thoughts about any new music from Siege of Power at all? 

Bob: Not really at the moment. Our new album just got released and we have no clue about another one at this moment. It can go in all directions depending on how we feel at that time.

E&D: What else have got planned musically for the future? 

Bob: Not much except an project called Horsepower O.D. which is more like old ZZ Top, Nine Pound Hammer, Motörhead. Martin [van Drunen] will do vocals for it and it will sound different. Also no deathgrunt, haha!

E&D: What are your favourite albums by the members of Siege of Powers other bands? 

Bob: Oh, Severed Survival for sure.

E&D: Have you talked about doing any live dates at all for this album? 

Bob: Yes but we will not do any live shows. That is logistic a hassle so we will remain a studioproject which is totally fine with us. No pressure, nothing.

E&D: What have been the best live gigs you have ever seen and what made them so memorable? 

Bob: Napalm Death here in 1989, so brutal and loud! And Whiplash in 1988, they were furious and hard! We loved it! We just got out of high school, went home, showered and went to the show later that evening.

E&D: What are the five most influential albums for you as an artist?

Bob: Venom – Black Metal, Necrophagia – Season of the Dead, Slaughter – Strappado, Bathory – Under the Sign of the Black Mark, Metallica – Ride the Lightning.

E&D: What newer metal bands are you digging at the moment? 

Bob: Thronehammer and Slaughterday. I am not following it too much anymore to be honest. I am stuck in the 80s really but I love being there too, haha!

E&D: What have been some of the highlights of your music career so far?

Bob: The release of The Rack in March 1991 and both tours with Entombed/Asphyx in 1991 and Bolt Thrower/Benediction/Asphyx in 1992.

E&D: What do you still want to achieve with Siege of Power and your other musical projects?

Bob: Not much really. I do this for my own fun and not to become the next big thing or something. That doesn’t mean anything to me, really. I love doing music and appreciate the fact I can make albums with great guys I know for ages. The rest is not important and I don’t give a shit about money or fame. It’s all about the fun.

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