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Dead End America

Gavin Brown caught up with Tony Avila , Ian Watts, Nick Oliveri, Mike IX Williams and Blaine Cook to talk about Dead End America and their latest EP ‘Crush The Machine’, their memories of Steve Hanford and the possibility of working together again in the future.

Anders Strokir from Necrophobic

Gavin Brown had a chat with Necrophobic vocalist Anders Strokirk to discuss their latest album ‘Dawn Of The Damned’ as well as a look back into the rich metal history of the band.

Andy Gibbs and Bryan Funck from Thou

Gavin Brown had the chance to talk to Thou’s Andy Gibbs and Bryan Funck about working with Emma Ruth Rundle on ‘May Our Chambers Be Full’ and much more.

Bernie Shaw from Uriah Heep

Gavin Brown caught up with Uriah Heep singer Bernie Shaw to hear all about the Fifty Years In Rock box set, a new album from the band, the quest to return to touring and the effects of the pandemic on the band and a whole Heep of tales from his time with the band.

Ashley Tubb of Sugar Horse

In February I proclaimed that 202 was going to be a huge year for Sugar Horse. I thought it was about time to catch up with vocalist/guitarist Ashley Tubb and apologise for wrecking the year and see what else was in store for the band.

Alex Stjernfeldt of Novarupta

In the run up to the release of second album Marine Snow, Alex Stjernfeldt of Novarupta took some time out to answer questions about his musical background, the themes of the new album and the advantages of having a Covid friendly band setup.

Sidereal Fortress: Artistic Freedom & Dungeon Synth

Dungeon synth is a strange beast and each artist would appear to have his or her own views on it. Guido Segers caught up with Sidereal Fortress to find out more.

Hifiklub & Roddy Bottum

Gavin Brown caught up with Roddy Bottum and Regis Laurier & Jean-Loup Faurat from Hifiklub to hear all about their new collaborative album as well as talking to both of them about their respective musical careers and what they have planned for the future.

Arka’n Asrafokor: Togo heavy metal warriors

Arka’n Asrafokor are a metal band from Togo in Africa. Guido Segers asked rapper and keyboard player Enrico Ahavi some questions to find out more.

Chasing answers – An Interview with Greg Puciato

Mister Puciato belongs to that pesky breed of insolent artists whose medium relies not so much on set procedure as it does on the element of surprise, artists whose line of work thrives on the subversion of expectations.

Jairo Tormentor Guedz from The Troops Of Doom

Gavin Brown caught up with Jairo Tormentor Guedz from The Troops Of Doom to talk with him all about this new band, but also about The Mist and his time Sepultura as their original lead guitarist.

Niko Lehdontie from Kairon; IRSE!

Anoop Bhat had the rare chance to speak to Niko Lehdontie from Kairon; IRSE! and talk at length about the band’s origins, the evolution of their sound, their individual influences and of course, the new album among other things.

Ed Wynne Of Ozric Tentacles

When we were offered the interview, I asked Dan Salter, one of the founders of the website, if he had any questions for the band and he simply said, “ask them if they know that this *gestures at himself* is all their fault”.

Parris Mayhew (Cro-Mags / The Aggros)

Gavin Brown caught up with Parris Mayhew to hear about his history with the Cro-Mags, in what could be the last time he talks about his time with the band, and much, much more.

Mercedes Lander from The White Swan

Gavin Brown had a chat with drummer/vocalist Mercedes Lander from The White Swan to hear all about their new EP Nocturnal Transmission and everything The White Swan.


Gavin Brown caught up with Mortiis to see what music he has been working on recently and what he has planned for the future as well as how he is doing during the pandemic and more, in a very interesting and entertaining chat.

Lu Edmonds and Mark Roberts from Blabbermouth

Gavin Brown had a chat with Lu Edmonds and Mark Roberts from Blabbermouth to discuss the band’s new material as well as their last album ‘Hörspiel’, how they got together and their rich musical history that has included working with everyone from Public Image Ltd and The Damned to Neneh Cherry and Massive Attack and much more.

Mike De La O from Skeletal Remains

Gavin Brown caught up with Skeletal Remains guitarist Mike De La O to hear about the recording of their new album, the difficulties doing so during a world pandemic and much more.


SØWT is a noise-rock band, featuring the frustrated youth of the Eindhoven music scene. Expressing ourselves using strong personal lyrics, freaky screams and heavy sound explosions. We try to create beautiful melodies that get ripped apart by the horror of our daily existence. Our music shifts between the dissonant and the pleasurable, the gritty and the polished, the passion and aggression and the calm and cool.

Jonny Warren from KUYASHII

Adriana Ciccone caught up with multi-instrumentalist Jonny Warren to talk about KUYASHII, his influences and much more.

Michael Berdan from Uniform

Gavin Brown caught up with the Uniform’s vocalist Michael Berdan to hear all about their new album and its sound and creation as well as working with kindred spirits The Body, Uniform’s pre-lockdown tour and what music is influencing him and the band.

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