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Jon Buckland had a chat with Dean Lloyd Robinson from Knifedoutofexistence about feedback, photocopiers, Leonard Cohen, diversity and much more.

Thomas Andrew Doyle (TAD)

Gavin Brown caught up with Tad to talk about his latest release Forgotten Sciences, as well as his record label and music studio, how cinema inspires his music and his music career as a whole.


Gavin Brown caught up with Sunrot to hear all about what the band overcame to deliver their new album The Unfailing Rope as well as discussing a variety of different topics.

Kerry McCoy from Deafheaven

Gilbert Potts caught up with co-founder Kerry McCoy to talk about sounds, dreams, and cats before the long flight to Australia next week, where they will be supported by local favourites Closure in Moscow.

Rachel Davies from Esben and the Witch

David Bowes spoke to Esben and the Witch’s Rachel Davies about their latest record Hold Sacred, new beginnings and hidden spaces.

Dani Filth from Cradle of Filth

Gavin Brown caught up with Cradle of Filth frontman Dani Filth to get the lowdown on new releases and to talk all things live and the upcoming release with Ed Sheeran.

Blöthar the Berserker from GWAR

Echoes and Dust spoke to Blöthar the Berserker from GWAR about the band’s latest album and graphic novel, the British Royal Family, masturbating with Artificial Intelligence, burning buttholes, and the future of GWAR and of humanity itself.

Harry Bailey from Death Goals

Gavin Brown caught up with Death Goals vocalist/guitarist Harry Bailey to talk all about their new album A Garden Of Dead Flowers and how the band will never, ever stop fighting against homophobia and bigotry.

Urlo from The Mon/Ufomammut

Gavin Brown caught up with Urlo from The Mon/Ufomammut to hear all about the new The Mon release ‘EYE’, working with the various guests that feature on the album and what Ufomammut are up to next.

Him from Sermon

Gavin Brown caught up with Sermon frontman Him to hear all about the new album Of Golden Verse and how the music of Sermon has developed with this second album.

Zuma from Kruelty

Gavin Brown caught up with Japanese heavyweights Kruelty guitarist Zuma to discuss their new album Untopia, how their tour is going and get an insight into their crushing music

Gray Caldwell from Endless Swarm

Gavin Brown had the pleasure of talking to Endless Swarm vocalist Gray Caldwell about their new album Manifested Forms, their recent live shows, upcoming touring plans and taking powerviolence into shopping centres. 

Berg and Fluss from Aara

As their epic Triade trilogy draws to a close, David Bowes spoke to Berg and Fluss of Swiss black metallers Aara to discuss its creation.

Dirk Serries from Loud As Giants

Gavin Brown caught up with Dirk Serries who told us all about his new project Loud As Giants as well as discussing his other vast range of musical projects.

Damien Sayell from The St Pierre Snake Invasion

TSPSI’s frontman Damien Sayell tells Gavin Brown that their long-awaited new album GALORE is as much about looking forwards as inwards…

Ultramagnetic MCs X Thetan

Gavin Brown talked to Thetan’s Dan Emery and Chad L’Eplattenier as well as Kool Keith and Ced Gee from Ultramagnetic MCs about their Record Store Day release and a whole host of hip hop, music and record store related topics.

Julia Bentley from Night Goat

Gavin Brown caught up Night Goat vocalist Julia Bentley who told us all about their new album Totem as well as discussing all aspects of Night Goat’s music and what fuels its darkness.

20 Years of Debemur Morti Productions

To celebrate 20 years of existence, David Bowes spoke to Debemur Morti Productions founder Phil to discuss the label’s lasting legacy.

Daniel Droste from AHAB

Gavin Brown caught up with AHAB’s Daniel Droste to talk about the band’s latest album The Coral Tombs and all things AHAB related.

Interview and Exclusive Album Premiere: Steve Strode – Cruel Nature Records

More underground than the Newcastle Metro, Toon’s Cruel Nature Records is now a ten-year-old. Kindness personified, their founder, Steve Strode, tells us about his passion for sonic diversity and Spectrum, his 23-track curation celebration to raise money for charity, which we premiere exclusively.

The Road to Roadburn: A conversation with Ashenspire, healthyliving and Maud the Moth

Sander van den Driesche caught up with Scott McLean, Amaya López-Carromero and Alasdair Dunn to talk about Ashenspire, healthyliving and Maud the Moth playing at Roadburn Festival.

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