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Aidan Baker from Nadja

Gavin Brown caught up with Aidan Baker to hear all about Nadja’s new album ‘Luminous Rot’, the creation of the album and working with David Pajo of Slint on the record as well as hearing about Nadja’s performance of their track ‘Seemannsgarn’ at Roadburn Redux and much more.


Gavin Brown had a chat with Danish death metal band Baest to hear all about their new album ‘Necro Sapiens’ as well as metal in Denmark, favourite death metal albums, winning awards and much more.

Amanda Lowe Warnakulasuriya

Amanda Lowe Warnakulasuriya(ALW) is an Ottawa-based multi-lingual singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, grant writer, community builder and the director of programming for Girls+ Rock Ottawa (G+RO), “a community organization that provides professio …


Gavin Brown talked with HIRAKI about their new album ‘Stumbling Through The Walls’ and its creation process as well as how HIRAKI have evolved as a group musically, their influences, utilising visual impact and intense live shows.

Automb and the Laws of Chaos

Guido Segers caught up with Serge Streltsov and Danielle Evans from (sadly now disbanded) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based black metal band Automb.

Alex Webster from Cannibal Corpse

Gavin Brown caught up with Cannibal Corpse bass player Alex Webster to hear all about ‘Violence Unimagined’ and its creation and the unorthodox method this album took in its recording process as well as the band’s new lineup, and much, much more.

Glasshouse Records

On April 15th, London-based label Glasshouse Records released an incredible new track and video titled ‘Cathedral Thinking’ by the band in violet. Adriana caught up with Rory Dickinson and Chad Murray, who both co-run the label, to talk about the new r …

Bobby Liebling and Sonny Vincent from The Limit

Gavin Brown spoke to Bobby Liebling and Sonny Vincent from The Limit to hear all about their album ‘Caveman Logic’, how The Limit started as a band as well and their vision as The Limit and much more.

Cameron Boggs from Sanguisugabogg

Gavin Brown caught up with guitarist Cameron Boggs from Sanguisugabogg to hear all about their new album ‘Tortured Whole’ being unleashed on the world and much more.

Bryce Seditz from Plaguewielder

Gavin Brown spoke Plaguewielder’s vocalist / guitarist Bryce Seditz to hear all about Covenant Death and its creation as well as the pandemic and the effect on Plaguewielder, US black metal, covering the notorious GG Allin and his most influential albums.

Zvijer – The Barbaric Roots of the Balkans

From the former Yugoslavian Republic hails the band Zvijer, a multi-national entity that brings a type of black metal that feels and tastes like its origins. Balkanian Barbaric Black Metal is what they like to call it themselves. Guido Segers finds out more.


Gavin Brown caught up with the members of Cryptosis to hear all about their new album ‘Bionic Swarm’ as the music videos that accompany tracks from ‘Bionic Swarm’, concept albums, science fiction and the history of Cryptosis as a band.

Arabia – Oman’s metal warriors

Guido Segers had a chat with Shabeeb Al Haremi, frontman of Arabia, one of the few metal bands in Oman.

Chris Chapman from A Cheery Wave Records

Today (2nd April) sees the release of the ninth A Cheery Wave compilation, and the first to be released physically. The man behind the label is Chris Chapman from post rock stalwarts Flies Are Spies From Hell and we’ve known each other a long time, having spent many drunken evenings inhabiting the same late 2000s London post rock gig scene; so it seemed an apposite time to sit down with him and pop a few questions.

Lars Nedland from White Void

Gavin Brown had a chat with Lars Nedland from White Void to hear all about the band and their latest album Anti, the videos and visual element of the music as well as what  his other bands Solefald and Borknagar have coming up and how he fits all his musical projects in.

Mike IX Williams from Eyehategod

Gavin Brown caught up with Eyehategod vocalist Mike IX Williams to hear all about the band’s new album and its creation as well as his other musical projects, touring with Napalm Death before the pandemic, his book and much more.

Chris R.

I listen to a lot of minimal and ambient techno, like Pan Sonic and Pole and wanted to do something similar and as stripped back as possible.

Hannah & Laura from If I Had A Hifi

If I Had A Hifi are an exciting, emerging London based duo consisting of Hannah Morgan (Vocals, Piano, Violin) and Laura Perrett (Vocals, Piano, Bass), who draw on their experiences of existing as women and workers in a patriarchal capitalist society and channel those feelings into their songwriting. Ahead of the release of their debut EP, Adriana sat down with the band to find out more.

Kristel Jax

Kristel Jax is a Toronto-based artist and musician. She co-authors a quarterly publication titled HUM and on September 4th of last year, she released an album titled Pink under the project name Brigitte Bardon’t. She recorded it using a pink Barbi …

Wayne Adams of Bear Bites Horse Studios

“Wasted Death is my newest thing! It’s with Tom who was in Death Pedals who now plays in USA Nails, and also Charlie from Beggar who are this killer sludge band I’ve worked with before!”

Paul and Ged of New Heavy Sounds label

New Heavy Sounds honchos Paul and Ged reveal the ‘unbelievable merit of the Sabbath Beast’, epiphany moments, achievements, the future hopes for the underground heavy scene, plus an insightful and thoughtful truckload more.

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