Beneath The Crimson Eclipse by Imperial Demonic

Release date: April 7, 2023
Label: Black Lion Records

The Northern Ireland soil seems not that fertile for black metal acts but things are seemingly slowly changing. Beneath The Crimson Eclipse is Imperial Demonic’s debut EP bringing back the sound and atmosphere of the glorious Scandinavian black metal past from the late 90’s and early 2000’s. With skull crushing drums, fierce riffs and screeching vocals the band from Belfast emits a venomous and misanthropic inspired ambition.

All five tracks are written by the blast beat monster Cameron Åhslund-Glass who is also a member of the underground bands Celtachor (IRL) and Darkest Aera and Overoth. Åhslund-Glass teamed up for his solo project with Andy Heathen (Celtachor, Overoth) on vocals, Daniel Dempster (Overoth) on lead guitars, Kacper Lewandowski on rhythm and additional guitars and Gareth Murdock (Alestorm) on bass.

Imperial Demonic produces a scorching old school black metal sound wrapped in an overwhelming high speed fashion that also includes melodic fragments. The black metal eruptions of this quintet are highly influenced by Swedish bands like Dissection, Dark Funeral and the mighty (early) Norwegian masters of Dimmu Borgir. In fact Imperial Demonic brings nothing new on the black metal horizon but they show zeal and dedication in the genre with this powerful and recommended release.

We are looking forward to consuming more of that scrumptious extreme metal music this band will generate.


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