Photo: Manuel Estrada

Mouth from Cologne switch from the prog label Tonzonen to This Charming Man with their fourth album Getaway – and what a mad trip the three of them throw in here. At 22 minutes, the title track almost bursts the duration of a long-playing record! Meandering nicely trippy through the musical swamp rock landscape of the 60s & 70s, Mouth scrape along all the genres you can roam with a classic rock band – prog, rock, space, garage, jazz or krautrock – this is all formed into a coherent, stomping mass on Getaway. 

Of the video premiere, ‘Stampede’, the band write:

“We are totally looking forward to our sixth vinyl – and our fourth album. ‘Stampede’ is not just the second part of the title track, which takes up the entire A-side. The song has been our opener at live shows for quite some time and is just a small section of the kaleidoscope – it’s also much more powerful, but also more flowing and calm.”

Getaway releases on June 9 2023 via This Charming Man Records and can be preordered HERE.

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