Salesforce by Lauren Bousfield

Release date: July 7, 2023
Label: Orange Milk Records

Breakcore fans might be familiar with Lauren Bousfield under her previous guise as Nero’s Day At Disneyland.

Still, that is only an inkling of the idea of what they, as well as any other listener curious to delve into some truly inventive, left-field musical ideas, might expect from her latest offering simply titled ‘Salesforce.’

Behind the album’s deceivingly simple title lies a bundle of dizzying music, evident when the introductory ‘Mansions No One Wants To Buy For Any Price’ starts with its multilayered, submerged vocals and some incredible drum&bass, metalcore combination, and acoustic piano to boot.


And that is only the start. ‘Hazer’ that follows combines all that with some found sounds, which Bousfield is so adept with from her day job producing music for television and internet channels, with all of the above with the accent on some truly heavy metal.

And from there, it is an all-out frenzy, something throughout the album, even in the all-acoustic piano (played at full speed) ‘Hail Sound’. Well, mostly, as Bousfield is not afraid to throw in some electronic jitters where she deems they will fit in.

As Bousfield explains, the album’s concept was to present a comment on a culture marked by speed and consumption.

Frankly, Bousfield makes the point she intended in full presenting her Salesforce as a complete musical force.

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