That’s The Night by The Titillators

Release date: July 7, 2023
Label: Self-Released

Toronto collective The Titillators set out “to sound completely unlike any other musical group in existence”. Well, judging by their latest release That’s The Night, they both do and they don’t.

They come out creating music that is a set of compositions, if you will, that could find their place in any existing (or non-existing) movie, as long as it is set in the Sixties. Sure, that is something that has been done before, but on the other hand, not exactly in the manner the collective leader Ryan Driver (who composed all the songs) and his cohorts have done here.

The music is driven by Driver’s, bass, two synths, and three percussionists, creating an intriguing take on the jazz/bossa/easy listening elements The Titillators use here. Their composing method seems to be to pick the elements they want, toss them up in the air, and pick up those elements and arrange them in no particular order.

Yet, there is no chaos here, just an excellent, set order, that sounds both familiar and different at the same time. And it is an order that sounds exactly as The Titillators imagined it themselves, an order that works exactly as it should.

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