Dumesday Book by Darsombra

Release date: August 25, 2023
Label: Pnictogen Records

Since the day we experienced Darsombra live during their European tour in 2019, we have been closely following the activities of this charming couple. When the announcement of their new album release reached us we could only hope deeply to get our hands on a Darsombra promo. So for once we got lucky and took the opportunity to write something down about the cinematic psychedelic rock duo from Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

Dumesday Book is a sound survey of sentiment during and after the world wide covid pandemonium. Darsombra is internationally known for fusing glam-prog-psych-stoner rock into hallucinating songs with fascinating video art. Brian Daniloski  (guitar, bass, vocals, sound design) and filmmaker Ann Everton (synths, vocals, percussion, projections) wrote the skeletons for Dumesday Book during the quarantine of Spring 2020. Daniloski and Everton refined with patience their work into a challenging and emotionally loaded listening adventure.


With Dumesday Book, Darsombra creates a psychedelic-oriented reality that revolves around a synergy of musical styles. Daniloski delivers a wide range of guitar experiments with heavy rock riffs, atmospheric string resonances, kraut rock and electrifying solos. His partner Everton is responsible for the dreamy electronic cloud around the mesmerising guitar melodies with vaporous synths, field recordings and samples. Dumesday Book (takes its name from the 11th Century census book which served as the oldest public record in the English language, Domesday Book) meanders in psychedelic clouds of ardority, cynicism, hope and soothness.

Listening to this prodigious album makes you feel like entering a sonic illusion where you feel comfortably numb and don’t want to leave. Dumesday Book is available as 2xLP, CD and in a number of limited edition bundle packages.

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