Release date: September 1, 2023
Label: Self-Released

If you feel the urge to launch with overkill all those daily frustrations into oblivion we can only advise to listen to the twenty five minute lasting debut album of the grindcore noise rock group GENDO IKARI. Based in Glasgow Scotland this band unites members of several extreme metal and hardcore bands who are active in the Edinburgh and Glasgow underground scene.

GENDO IKARI was born in the year 2016 and since then releasing splits, EPs and playing at festivals such as Obscene Extreme, Chimpyfest, and Dreadfest. ROKUBUNGI is an infuriating grindcore steamroller with fifteen short skull crushing songs. Because of the different backgrounds of the band members the album spews an interesting mish mash of raging guitar riffs, pounding bass, fierce drumming and double layered brutal vocals. GENDO IKARI shows no mercy, the album rages through a range of emotional aspects that meld our society.


The GENDO IKARI bombing squad consists of Hamish Black (Civil Elegies) on bass guitar, guitar and vocals, George Henry (Hard Stare) on drums, Gerald Chau (Ashenspire, Haar) on guitar and bass guitar and John Steven on vocals. ROKUBUNGI blasts, scrapes and slashes around like an uncontrollable chainsaw but amazes with the high technical mastery of the instrumentation and barbaric vocal work. For a slight moment we thought we could hear the intro of Ozzy’s Bark At The Moon on the track ‘Beg – Die’, but no covers for GENDO IKARI, they just sledge every compromise to the ground. The fans of Wormrot, Pig Destroyer and the crazy Dutch grindcore project Zalm will digest ROKUBUNGI without hesitation.

The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered entirely by the band themselves and is available digital, on tape and CD.

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