False Awakening Loops by BOLT RUIN

Release date: September 22, 2023
Label: Infinite Machine

So here we are with a delayed review of the Belgian sound architect BOLT RUIN’s newest EP called False Awakening Loops. The promo of this very interesting release got stuck in our spam filter which we only occasionally check and we surely don’t want to withhold BOLT RUIN’s second release on the Infinite Machine label for you.

The artist behind BOLT RUIN is Brecht Linden whose inspiration is fed by decaying buildings and the dystopian moods around them. Linden creates cinematic soundscapes adding polluted field recordings and heavy industrial rhythms. We witnessed his stunning live performance at the electronic and experimental Antenna 2020 music festival in Gent Belgium just before the exploding virus pandemonium. The power behind this amazing artist are his creative sound explorations that produce a dreamlike state between reality and an almost unearthly transcending feeling of escapism.


False Awakening Loops forces the receiver to dark atmospheres with industrial fused electronic sound panoramas. The single ‘Skevr’ (with a self-made video) is a collaboration with Kenyan ambient producer and sound artist KMRU which reveals a more gloomier part of African world music. Linden ends his morose EP with the help of Innerwoud (Belgian one-man drone band of double bass player Pieter-Jan Van Assche) swallowing us further into the murky worlds of BOLT RUIN.

False Awakening Loops moved further away from its predecessor Stranger Things with a more horror-like soundtrack. This EP will be a guide into the darkest days of the coming winter. False Awakening Loops will be ear candy for the fans of dark electronic music and of course for the members of the winter gestapo.

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