Pound Land were formed in 2020 by vocalist/lyricist Adam Stone (Future Bomb/sometime collaborator with Dead Sea Apes) and multi-instrumentalist Nick Harris (Reverends of Destruction/ ex-Dead Sea Apes) – an absurdist post-industrial ‘kitchen-sink’ punk for a dogshit-dull Britain, set in both the recent past and the imagined near-future.

Violence is their sixth album – eight, filthy tracks of vitriolic desperation recorded by the core duo of Nick Harris and Adam Stone, and featuring a number of guest musicians, including Steve Watson of Iron Monkey and solo artist Adam Petiss. Often veering towards a nineties alt-metal/industrial sound, along with the usual smatterings of customary Pound Land abstraction, this new album continues to aggressively push lyrical themes relating to the same old shit that seems to be getting worse: corporate hegemony, business culture, mainstream media influence, automation, class polarisation and economic austerity.

Our video premiere, ‘New Labour’, serves as perfect introduction to the band and the album – all grime and grind but definitely no glitter!


Violence was released on 29 September by the wonderfully eclectic Cruel Nature Records.
Downloads and  limited edition cassettes are available HERE!

Pound Land are:
Adam Stone – vocals
Nick Harris – guitar
Richard Lamell – bass
Steve Taylor – drums
Jo Stone – saxophone

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