Pure Nuclear Death by Uranium

Release date: October 6, 2023
Label: Sentient Ruin Laboratories

Sometimes people wonder if the limits of extreme music can still be exceeded without becoming totally ridiculous or missing their real goal, the unstoppable search for (new) groundbreaking sound panoramas. Well, the answer is Pure Nuclear Death of the American one-man black industrial nuclear missile Uranium.

Sound artist AA is the man behind this dystopian aural vessel releasing with Pure Nuclear Death his second full album within this year. Uranium already etched his presence in today’s industrial-metal scene with its debut album An Exacting Punishment (released January 2023).

AA shows no pity or remorse with his napalm bombing industrial edged black metal of human disintegration and total annihilation. He shows with this album who will be the real emperor of industrial chaos in the near future. His sound orchestrations of decay seek the ultimate limits in sound art. Walls of heavy guitar riffs are armoured by power electronics and guided by extreme grunting vocals and heavy electronic drum parts.

Although Pure Nuclear Death blasts everything away and crushes into the eardrums like a Siberian ice tsunami we are pleased to receive during this bludgeoning turmoil some background soundscapes, spoken parts (about nuclear casualties) and shards of ambient. Once you find your way into this blackened post-industrial mush the attraction becomes a dangerous path to an untamed form of addiction.

Uranium makes the soul bleed and leaves a serious message of death and despair which is nowadays happening in some of the conflict zones on our planet. Nevertheless Pure Nuclear Death is a groundbreaking album which can be compared with other extreme music projects like Merzbow, Igorrr, Anaal Nathrakh, Mz.412, Godflesh and Author & Punisher. Uranium reflects a sound vision of a possible ongoing situation humanity is going to face. But don’t be scared, Pure Nuclear Death is just an awesome cathartic sound design of fantasy.

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