Blueprints by Labasheeda

Release date: November 3, 2023
Label: Self-released

Saskia van der Giessen, the driving force behind Amsterdam’s Labasheeda, and her current musical companions (Arne Wolfswinkel – guitar, bass guitar, piano and Bas Snabilie – drums, marimba, synthesiser, percussion) have been around for a while now (starting back in 2006) and have continued to come up with a swift, punchy combination of their seventies and eighties inspirations – from Wire to Siouxiee and a few others in between.

At the same time, they are giving those inspired modern, 21st-century colourings, making them something quite personal.

Now, with their latest album Blueprints van der Giessen seems to have fully grown as a songwriter and performer who has something quite individual to say, making her and the band’s music stand out.


Knowing how to employ guest musicians in the right way, the core trio is still the key element here creating a sound that truly builds upon everything the likes of the above-mentioned bands along with touches of Gang of Four and Television springing up along the way for good measure.

Yet it is van der Giessen’s now fully-developed songwriting that leads the way here with Blueprint being exactly that – a blueprint for modern post-punk.

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