Man, Myth & Magic by Sendelica

Release date: December 15, 2023
Label: Fruits Der Mer

This reviewer has a confession to make. After nearly 10 years of writing for this site, primarily about psychedelic music, and casting himself as a self-styled oracle of all things psych, there has been one band who always got away from him, Sendelica. To be fair, you might think the rather large back catalogue could be daunting but this is a reviewer who has delved deep into Acid Mothers Temple, and at one point attempted to keep up with the incessant dropping of new Guided By Voices albums. No excuses. Shall we mention that like the band, the reviewer is Welsh too.

There’s always a point where you think that now is the time though and where better to start than with the third in a trilogy of albums exploring man’s relationship with religion. In at the deep end undoubtedly, and let’s just say that whilst the four near 20 minute length tracks are not as daunting as Tales From Topographic Oceans, it’s not exactly easy listening. That’s where this reviewers experience in psych comes in as he generally eats 20 minute pieces for breakfast.

On to the crux of the matter though, and Sendelica’s new album, Man, Myth, & Magic really is a behemoth to behold. Its four tracks are not as daunting as they may initially seem and there is lots going on to keep your attention. Indeed, time becomes irrelevant as you are drawn deep into the character of the music. Four very distinct pieces, each examining different facets of man and their relationship with magic and science. Drawing deep on the ancient myths of Wales, there is an undeniable sense of the mystical, and of forces outside of our control. You can sense it, on misty mornings as you travail deepest darkest Wales and sense that weight of history. From stone circles, to ancient settlements, there is a link that can be discovered from the past to the present as magic and myth become rewritten by scientific discovery. Of course, you could blame it on the mushrooms too.

Anyway, don’t do what this reviewer did and dilly-dally. Get yourself over to your nearest record dealer, or Bandcamp or dive in. There’s only so much you can write about instrumental music so we’re not even going to attempt that right here. Instead we’re just going to say that Sendelica are very much in this writer’s field of psychedelic vision now, and it looks like an expensive few months tracking down various releases from their back catalogue.

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