Pending Past Mending by Dusty Rug

Release date: February 23, 2024
Label: Broken String Records

This completely caught me off-guard after hearing their 30-second sample of the title-track on their Instagram page. I was taken aback by the riffs, picked bass, chugging snares, it has this “Holy Shit!” momentum written all over it. I thought straight away, The Dickies title-song from the 1988 horror sci-fi comedy classic Killer Klowns from Outer Space.

That was the first thing that popped inside my head. And I knew, right there and then, I had to check it out. Here’s a band coming all the way from Flagstaff, Arizona. A place that is surrounded by natural beauty, mountains, largest ponderosa pine forest, and only 80 miles northwest to see the Grand Canyon. Dusty Rug are a mixture of punk, psychedelic, and rock rolled into one.

The band considers Dylan Harris on vocals and rhythm guitar, Tim Erbach on bass, Phil Gibbs on drums and percussion, and Eric Verellen on lead and rhythm guitar. Formed in early 2021, the band released their debut album Itch two years ago. But now in 2024, they’re back with enough bullets to sweat off into the night on Pending Past Mending.

I had absolutely no idea on what I going to expect. But after hearing this album, they can play well and they know the source material like a bat out of hell. ‘Imposition’ at first sounds like a slowed-down version of Amon Düül II’s ‘Archangel Thunderbird’, but going down the slide, channeling the sludge, doom, and occult sounds, they walk into Blood Ceremony’s self-titled debut album as if Tony Iommi had handled the production realms with a delicious aroma.


The ‘60s galloping western goes for the jugular by chugging along to ‘Get Your Hands off my Money.’ It made me think of the psychedelic tones between The Monks’ ‘Complication’ and The Sonics. And to be allowed to have Erbach doing this picking bass solo, he adds enough decoration to the band’s sound by giving him carte blanche.

Yes, he may not be The Who’s John Entiwstle, but he gives Dusty Rug the driving force by going off into the night as ‘Phonetic Aesthetic’ walks into a throttling punk-rock mode by teaming up with Joy Division and Devo’s Are We Not Men-era, combining ‘Uncontrollable Urge’, ‘Mongoloid’, and ‘Digital’. Rug know their roots very well. They proved that they’re more than just psychedelia, but adding that post-punk thrive.

With its mid-fast climatic overtones, Dusty Rug’s carousel is spinning like a mo-fo! While this is their second album, Pending Past Mending is like an atom bomb dropping in the middle of the Mojave Desert and exploding in all of its mushroom glory to revealing how powerful the band’s sound is.

And they give the so-called top 40 radio songs and Kanye West the big giant middle finger that it badly needs! If you want a real adventure, then check out Dusty Rug’s Pending Past Mending.

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