I Don’t Want To Believe by Grass Jaw

Release date: February 29, 2024
Label: Self-Released

What do you get when you combine the prime countrified Meat Puppets and flourishes of Elephant 6 collective and vocals akin to the late great David Berman with a (un) healthy obsession with UFOs and similar phenomena?

The result could be a left-field lo-fi delight that is the new album by Grass Jaw entitled I Don’t Want To Believe.

Grass Jaw is one Brendan Kurtz from Ithaca New York, who decided to deal with things like alien portrayals in film and media, human perception and consciousness, abductions and contactees, and how we humans might be perceived by aliens watching us with all the good and bad things we do.

Definitely an interesting take lyrically, that could easily have turned into another issue of ‘Fortean Times’ if it wasn’t for some excellent music Kurtz envelops his alien musings in. His previous two decades of experience playing in various bands surely shows.

All the great left-field singer-songwriters and bands along with all of the above-mentioned artists figure in here, from Will Oldham to Spiritualized.

It could have turned into a complete mess. Still, Kurtz was able to make a coherent musical whole out of all of those influences that he seems to have, something that is utterly listenable, no matter what your stance on aliens, UFOs, and similar phenomena is.

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