HJirok by HJirok -HJirok

Release date: March 8, 2024
Label: Altin Village & Mine

You really have to know your way around the studio and have an excellent musical sensibility to be able to effectively combine field recordings with other musical elements for the final result to not only sound plausible but also effective and listenable.

That is exactly what artist and singer Hani Mojtahedy, working under the moniker of HJirok on this self-titled album went for and thoroughly achieved.

Whether the project could have gone awry without the help of Mouse on Mars’ Andi Toma is a moot question, as the Kurdish/Persian singer obviously has detailed, refined knowledge of Sufi music,  which forms the base here, and Toma has a proven record of creating some of the more exciting electronic music.


Mojtahedy combined a variety of sounds collected during their joint travels to Iraqi Kurdistan and elsewhere with heavily processed recordings of Sufi drum rhythms and setar melodies.

And it is also Mojtahedy’s vocals that often lead the way here, like on ‘Yahu’, showing what a 20-year experience in studying and performing Persian music can do.

The results here are elongated, dubbed-out explorations of a Sufi musical base, making this album one of the more fully realizsed recent combinations of acoustic/electronic music with field recordings.

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