My Tentacles by Mieko Shimizu

Release date: March 15, 2024
Label: Street Furniture Records

Japan’s Mieko Shimizu is one of those non-conformist artists who can both raise eyebrows and enthrall listeners at the same time, and some have compared her musical concepts to those of Laurie Anderson.

Along with her solo work, she has worked with the likes of Mick Karn, Nitin Sawhney, Riz MC, David Cunningham, and Robert Lippok and has also remixed the likes of Coldcut and Haruomi Hosono of ‘Yellow Magic Orchestra’.

She is currently the artist in residence for Wonky Plonky Electronk, an experimental, electronic live event that is touring the UK throughout 2024. This tour coincides with the release of her latest album My Tentacles.


From the album title to the nine tracks here, Shimizu doesn’t steer away from her non-conformist approach, but, at the same time, has presented music here that can appeal to an audience that usually doesn’t appreciate that much artists that are labeled ‘left-field’.

The reason for that may lie in the fact that it is not that easy to put a finger on where Shimizu is drawing her inspiration from, and it could be anywhere from the aforementioned Laurie Andersn, Karn’s former band Japan, to Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel, with Shimizu giving it her very personal touch throughout.

The music could range from beat-inflected (in a left-field way) title track or ‘Undersong’ to subtly -orchestrated ‘I see a soul’ to a combination of these and other elements that form an intriguing musical kaleidoscope.

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