Forest Scenes by MIZU

Release date: March 22, 2024
Label: NNA Tapes

MIZU is one of those multi-disciplinary artists that just keeps on moving. Over the last couple of years, there were collaborations with the likes of Rachika Nayar and Maria BC, as well as her ventures into theatre and performance art, working with movement artists and costume designers in collaborative live performances.

As somebody who has acquired classical music training (as a cellist), it should be no surprise that her latest album ‘Forest Scenes,’ has a strong connection with classical music as such, ‘standard, modern, or post-classical, As MIZU goes into a full experimental mode here, adding electronics and field recordings to her cello themes.


The sound is anywhere and everywhere, constructed and deconstructed, and as the title of the album suggests, both literal and symbolic vision of a forest – what is within and beyond it in both senses of the term.

Like some other artists/composers working within the similar musical realms as Tim Hecker and William Basinski (particularly the latter), MIZU uses both structured and improvised elements prepared, arranged, and produced solely by the artist (except for some drum samples and vocals on two tracks by imryll).

The results are like any forest, real or imaginary, both dark and light, but overall intriguing and mesmerising.

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