Insanium by Whom Gods Destroy

Release date: March 15, 2024
Label: InsideOut Music

This album takes everything to make a completely right turn of having the sound go up to 11. For a brand-new related outfit from the realms of Sons of Apollo, Whom Gods Destroy are the band that offers a lot of compelling beats the quintet has unleashed for 2024.

Insanium is a supreme example on how Hard Rock, Fusion, Power Metal, and Prog are supposed to sound. Featuring keyboardist Derek Sherinian, guitarist Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal, vocalist, Dino Jelusick, bassist Yas Nomura, and drummer Bruno Valverde, they detail themes of chaos and disorder that is represented throughout their debut album.

‘Over Again’ is the escapism to be free from all of the nightmares that is happening on the surface of the earth. Jelusick has these massive pipes as if he gives Bumblefoot the signal to reign terror throughout his insane fret work, followed by Sherinian’s wildly keyboard exercise.

Between the two of them, they really go at each other before Dino returns to the Earth’s core and reaches the light at the end of the tunnel while ‘Crawl’ offers the disturbing pictures, coming to life. With alarming effects, pleading to be speared instead of being dragged into this mess they’re friends got them into, it all becomes this massive introduction for ‘In the Name of War’ with Derek’s classical piano motif.


Once Valverde and Bumblefoot are putting the wheels in gear, we have these earsplitting riffs, monstrous vocals, spooky keyboard sounds, exploding drum patterns, nods to Haken, and balls to the wall improvisation that punches you in the gut, nonstop.

Speaking of Haken, the madness reigns heavy throughout the ‘Keeper of the Gate’. Those Dio-sque influences speaks volume by revisiting that time period between Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, and Blind Guardian rolled into one giant smoothie to sink into for your health benefits!

Once Nomura takes centre stage on ‘Hypernova’ he goes completely mental on hibass playing. He makes these incredible changes that are insane! As his band mates lend a helping hand to him, it is off the charts! You can hear the fusion, Yes breaks, high-ascending power metal montages, symphonic cries, and a duel between the five Greek gods in full fighting mode.

Now, if there’s a big warning on this bad boy, as I’ve mentioned earlier, you might want to play this really, really loud. It’s the textures that bring in the vibration in what Whom Gods Destroy have unleashed by bringing their Frankenstein to life on Insanium.

The music itself is off the wall, and I can imagine there might be more to come in the roaring ‘20s from the quintet. Because the game has only just begun.

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