Arcana Rising by Coffin Storm

Release date: March 29, 2024
Label: Peaceville records

Coffin Storm are a new band who consist of a trio of musicians who are best known for making black metal with various high profile bands but come together to unite for their love of traditional heavy metal with elements of doom and thrash thrown into the mix as well.

The band consists of Apollyon from Aura Noir and Bestial Tormentor from Infernö (who have previously played together in doom metallers Lameneted Souls alongside Fenriz from Darkthrone on vocal duties and on their debut album Arcana Rising, they channel bands like Candlemass, Pentagram and early Metallica with brilliantly heavy results.

Arcana Rising only consists of six songs but clocks in at forty five minutes as those six songs are epically delivered with vast running times to let the songs explore many different avenues of heaviness, with huge metal riffs and doom laden grooves the order of the day.

It sounds great to hear Fenriz deliver a different kind of vocal than he has done in the past and he lets his voice soar in a brilliant trad metal fashion and it gets even better when he lets his doing bellow loose, as he does throughout the record.

Fenriz is ably assisted by Apollyon and Bestial Tormentor as the catchy as hell riffs and atmospheric grooves and are unleashed constantly, and the whole album sounds like an monumental heavy metal full journey full of foreboding doom from start to finish.

From the opening headbanging frenzy of ‘Over Frozen Moors’ to the vast album closer ‘Clockwork Cult’ and taking in other standout tracks such as the ten minute plus doom saga that is  ‘Open The Gallows’ and the album’s mournful title track and so much more, Arcana Rising is a joy to listen to from start to finish for any fan of metal with those doom and thrash influences consistently coming through strongly.

Arcana Rising is a great album, one that wears its heart on its sleeve, and a perfect introduction to the world of Coffin Storm, packed full of interesting ideas that are perfectly executed, and it sounds as if the trio of Apollyon, Bestial Tormentor and Fenriz are having ask much fun as they salute their metal and doom influences on the album. Let’s hope this is the start of much more from Coffin Storm in the future, but thinking very much in the present, it has to be said that Arcana Rising is a brilliant album that is a worthy addition to the number of great albums that all three members have been part of over the years.

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