No Guitar by Curling

Release date: April 19, 2024
Label: Royal Oakie

No Guitar is a bit of a misleading album title here from Curling, as guitars (particularly jangly ones) abound on this album, also full of all things melody, vocal harmony, and everything else connected with power pop, with touches of sixties folk rock bands, shoegaze and even emo here and there.

The trio started as a duo of Bernie Gelman and Joseph Brandel, with Gelman located in the San Francisco area and Brandel in Japan. At some point, through a message board, the duo connected with drummer Kynwyn Sterling, herself located in Portland, where the trio actually set up shop to record this album.

Actually, the idea behind the title came up as the idea to do the album without the guitars, which, as the band themselves put it “lasted for some 30 minutes”.

And, frankly, listeners should be glad Curling changed their mind here (this is their third album), as the guitar-playing here is nothing less than exemplary, and yet it still comes in second to some intricate melody craftsmanship that doesn’t stand still or relies too much on ‘tried and true’ formulas that can crop up within power pop, jangle pop, or whatever you want to call this music.

Well, you can’t truly peg down squarely what Curling is doing here, as they successfully throw in musical elements some might thing don’t belong together.

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