Weird Tales by The Vision Bleak

Release date: April 12, 2024
Label: Prophecy Productions

Seasoned practitioners of gothic horror tinged metal, the suave German duo The Vision Bleak have finally re-emerged from their latest nightmare state to grace us with some delightfully Weird Tales. Taking both name and inspiration from the hugely formative pulp magazine, this single track, forty-odd minute opus touches upon all the strangest stars and their terrifying stories so closely associated with the landmark publication.

It is not easy, trying to keep the music flowing freely and sounding unified whilst racing through the dozen or so sagas, yet the band manage it admirably. And in doing so, The Vision Bleak show off the full range of their versatility: relying on the goth-rock foundation they are most comfortable with, it is used as a base from which to head off down symphonic, black, doom, and even folk avenues, without any ever sounding forced or jarring in the grand scope of Weird Tales.


Whilst this is a fun listen all the way through, the ultimate problem is that nothing lingers once it has stopped. It captures the kitsch histrionics of the 80s horror b-movies inspired by the same source material more accurately than the brooding, dark menace of those initial fables. For all the sadistic glee that it brings, just as with the visual representations, the marks The Vision Bleak leave behind just do not cut anywhere like as deep.

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