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Verminous Serpent – The Malign Covenant

A record that leaves the listener exhausted, scared, but most of all enthralled by the sheer malevolence displayed.

Cursebinder – Drifting

They now come thundering out of the speakers, brutal and precise in landing every blow.

Harboured – Harboured

Four friends flit from progressive metal into black, death, and the mercurial post- territories to scratch an itch.

Welcome to Holyland – Ominous (+ Exclusive Track Premiere)

An exciting new band crashing into the doom scene with a fresh twist on the expected cornerstones.

Treedeon – New World Hoarder

Thunderous, earthquake-inducing doom, the kind where vases fall off shelves and innards quiver from the force of the soundwaves emitted.

Teksti-TV 666 – Vapauden Tasavalta

Ultimately, this feels a messy splurge of too many disparate ideas.

Insomnium – Anno 1696

A delight to existing fans with its carefully balanced blend of signature sound and musical exploration.

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