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My Dying Bride – A Mortal Binding

Delving the depths of despair with a brooding elegance.

High On Fire – Cometh The Storm

A riff-fuelled, haze-filled, fuzzed out ride proving that the flames still burn hot yet.

The Vision Bleak – Weird Tales

Kitsch histrionics from the suave German duo takes us down some very peculiar trails.

Cruel Mother – Cut Down For The Earth

The marriage of old traditional English murder ballads with the funereal despair of doom metal brings such joy in its fresh perspective.

The Dread Crew Of Oddwood – Rust & Glory

Drinking too much booze, looting too little treasure, fighting too big monsters? Welcome aboard, ye lily-livered scallywags!

Isenordal – Requiem For Eirênê

A gothic romance for those that love to stand atop moonlit hills, overlooking barren chasms in suitably billowing clothing.

Angmodnes – Rot Of The Soul

A drawn out miasma of misery, an hour of pure catharsis for those that love to wallow in these fetid pools.

Tutupatu – IV

Bold and inventive, or messy and incoherent? All of the above.

The Infernal Sea – Hellfenlic

The charm of Hellfenlic is its unabashed love of black metal’s history, with The Infernal Sea once again showing themselves to be proficient necromancers.

Cold In Berlin – The Body Is The Wound

A tantalising glimpse at the next chapter in Cold In Berlin’s tale, and whet’s the appetite nicely for the upcoming full-length.

Mourning Dawn – The Foam Of Despair

Slow and ponderous, of course, but at times it becomes monotonously so; yet elsewhere they demonstrate they can pick the right moments to shift gears and keep the music interesting.

Délétère – Songes D’Une Nuit Souillée

The Québécois black metal exponents find all the right pieces and puts them in all the right places.

Nadja & Fawn Limbs – Vestigial Spectra

Vestigial Spectra is exactly what a collaboration album should be – a record neither artist would produce on their own, yet is full of those key references from both parties.

Bonnacons Of Doom – Signs

An unhinged, almost maniacal take on doom, with a kick of psychedelic uppers for good measure – equal parts groovy and devastating.

Unverkalt – A Lump Of Death: A Chaos Of Dead Lovers

Painting such a vivid picture with the power of music alone, a soundtrack without a movie beyond the one playing in your head.

Catafalque – Dybbuk

Pulsating drums, haunting vocalisations, menacing guitar drones – prepare to be swept along in the swirls and eddies of the musical maelstrom.

Woe – Legacies Of Frailty

A bleak atmosphere of hateful intent with blast beats thundering and riffs whipping around at breakneck pace, yet something is lacking here.

ChiaraOscuro – Rancor:Succor

An exquisite piece of sound sculpting, one that takes a listener on a true journey – if they are willing to sit still and let the waves crash over them.

The Wytches – Our Guest Can’t Be Named

A bizarre blend of doom and surf rock, drenched in a delicious psychedelic coating – until the painful descent into twee indie.

Uada – Crepuscule Natura

Not your typical blast of feral screeches into the uncaring night, a record that injects a spark of life – even joy – into a field that so often is too intransigent.

Dying Fetus – Make Them Beg For Death

A worthy addition to the clinical dismemberment school of death metal. Sounds fun, right?

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