IV by Tutupatu

Release date: February 14, 2024
Label: Broken Clover Records

Some might say that IV, the debut offering from Spaniards Tutupatu, is bold and inventive. Others, though, will deride it as messy and incoherent. Both views are somewhat true. Veering from formless free jazz, through ethereal kosmiche and driving motorik, before ending up at bouncing krautrock, they cover an enormous amount of ground in little over half an hour. There is something here for a lot of folks, but very few who will truly enjoy the entire spectrum.

Every track has been snipped out of the continuously rolling stream of consciousness jams conjured over a three day period. For some of the tracks, this lack of context can be isolating. Yet elsewhere, the judicious editing was probably a very good thing: this is a style of music that relies heavily on creating an atmosphere through repetition, but you can certainly have too much of a good thing there, and Tutupatu manage to stay on the right side of the line throughout IV.

The rise and fall in tempo across the album is well judged, never allowing those repetitive passages to outstay their welcome. However, it is not until the closing track ‘Herba Roko’ that Tutupatu finally hit their stride. A pulsating blast that fuses the jazz and the krautrock into something more unique, an otherworldly concoction that is, finally, distinctively theirs. The crowning glory of IV gives hope of what may yet come as this trio fly off on further cosmic adventures.

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