The Body Is The Wound by Cold In Berlin

Release date: January 19, 2024
Label: New Heavy Sounds

London punk-goth-doomers (that really is about as precise as one can be) Cold In Berlin open the year with The Body Is The Wound, the first part of a cycle of releases under the banner of ‘The Wounds’. This four track EP still manages to cover a lot of ground musically, and immediately shows off everything that garnered the band growing praise over their previous albums – whilst also avoiding retracing old haunts.

Dirty guitar riffs twist around menacing electronics, driven ever onwards by pulsating rhythms. Nothing is wasted, and nothing superfluous is added. But front and centre remains Maya Berlin’s powerful, mesmeric vocals. Following the mood of the music behind her, she switches from tempestuous howls to furious rage to dark introspection with such easy, delivered with a beautifully melodious poise that one cannot fail to be swept along in her wake.


The Body Is The Wound is a tantalising glimpse at the next chapter in Cold In Berlin’s tale, and whet’s the appetite nicely for the upcoming full-length. The promise of catharsis as we explore these “stories of loss, the idea that wounds can be growth, healing… that slow burn you use to fuel other fires” is indeed exciting, a dose of aural therapy for us all.

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