Signs by Bonnacons Of Doom

Release date: October 27, 2023
Label: Rocket Recordings

The great Northern powerhouse that is Bonnacons Of Doom have to be one of the most fun and exciting bands around in more esoteric music circles currently. It has taken far too long for sophomore record Signs to emerge, but the wait has most definitely been worth it. Their unhinged, almost maniacal take on doom, with a kick of psychedelic uppers for good measure, is equal parts groovy and devastating.

From the moment opener ‘Facing’ unleashes its enthrallingly simply bass line, Signs shows itself to be a captivating listen. A carefully controlled brew of near-chaos, threatening to spill out of the krautrock-tinged boundaries the band lay down, the music flows with a hypnotic rhythm. Shifting often enough to maintain interest, in a deft show of song writing it avoids sounding forced or jarring.

A few tracks, such as ‘Infra’ and the title track, show a more fragile, mellower version of Bonnacons we have yet to hear. The ethereal vocals rise and fall over sparser backdrops, a more ambient electronica flavour expands the scope of the record, once again adding to its fascination. Moments like these merely add to the impact made by the bigger, louder offerings they surround.


It all comes to a crescendo with the euphoric swell of the closing track ‘Semaphore’, twisting those more delicate elements around the motorik pulse that runs through the heart of Signs. The tension the track creates, waiting until the last moment to release it all, is a suitably joyous – and crushing – finale to an album that pulls its listeners every which way.

Building upon the strengths of the debut, whilst incorporating new elements to breathe fresh life into the music, ensures Signs is a beguiling listen. There are very few bands who sound quite like Bonnacons Of Doom, and even fewer who can pull off this heady mix of styles quite so effectively. This is the sign you have been waiting for.

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