Kanda Teenage Honey by Nick Hudson

Release date: May 7, 2024
Label: Self-Released

Some call it left-field pop, others art pop, and even avant-pop, but it is usually something that can’t fit into the standard confines and formulas of pop yet it is music that has its ebb and flow and demands repeated detailed listening.

That is the playing field in which Brighton’s Nick Hudson works within on his new album Kanda Teenage Honey. The number of references that this music touches upon is spread on a wide spectrum and includes heady names like Scott Walker, Robert Wyatt, Kate Bush, Nico, and quite a few others, but is still music with a recognisable personal, individual stamp.


The list of collaborators is as diverse as the music on the album – from Mogwai’s Stuart Braithwaite to a soprano prodigy Poppy Efemey. To add another specific element to the album, Hudson recorded it in Tbilisi, Georgia (a number of Georgian musicians played on the album), adding to his political and social views that run through the songs’ lyrics.

As Hudson explains, “Kanda Teenage Honey explores ideas of preserving the sacred from the corrosively kleptocratic institutions of church and state: spiritual and material kleptocracy. The title itself refers to a very real preservation of innocence derived from a story I heard of a local villager whose teenage son was shot and killed: the father had his son’s body preserved in honey.”

It turns out to be an album of sophisticated art pop that begs a number of listens to expose all of its elements.

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