Benjamin Bland

I’m Ben and I live in York where I spend most of my time pretending to be a historian or drinking interesting beers in one of the city’s many great pubs. Sometimes I do both at the same time. It really depends on how my day is going.

Music has been my major passion for quite some time now. It’s rare that I’m not either listening to it, making it, talking about it or thinking about it, and unfortunately I’ve garnered rather a reputation amongst friends for knowing more bands than is ultimately healthy for the purposes of casual conversation. This has become more troublesome over the past couple of years, when my interests have shifted ever moreso towards the realm of experimental music types.

I’ve been writing about music now for about three years, and over that time I’ve been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to hear, see and meet tons of great artists. My career highlights in that sense would probably be interviewing two of my favourite ever musicians in Scott Kelly from Neurosis and Steven Wilson from No-Man / Porcupine Tree. Two of the most nerve-racking but ultimately enjoyable experiences of my life there.

I create ambient / drone / noise music under the name Broken Machines. My first two records sound awful to me now but I’m working on some new stuff and I promise it is much better so keep your ears peeled for news of that. I’m also in an (as yet unnamed) ‘pop’ band, set to start recording some material soon.

Keep up to date with my ramblings on music here and with my drinking here

Articles by Benjamin Bland

Music vs. Noise 07: The Crescendo and the Climax (Pt. 2: Levelling Out)

Has the crescendo really disappeared, or it just that our understanding of it needs to change? Benjamin Bland gets (unnecessarily?) theoretical…

Echoes of the Future 84: Your Favourite Enemies

Canadian sextet Your Favorite Enemies are a fairly esoteric, dare we say eccentric, bunch, as Benjamin Bland found out when he shot some questions to them across the pond…

Imbogodom – Metafather

“It’s hard to imagine decay sounding much more beautiful than on Metafather” – by Benjamin Bland

Dead Neanderthals – …And It Ended Badly

“…one of the most enjoyable and listenable jazz records I’ve heard in the past couple of years” – by Benjamin Bland

Echoes of the Future 82: Noyo Mathis

“We’re often far, far too loud. That’s a good thing, right?” – Benjamin Bland speaks to upcoming math rockers Noyo Mathis…

Antlered Man – This Devil is Them!

“…it sounds like Antlered Man are on tons of steroids, and copious amounts of Holsten Pils” – by Benjamin Bland

Tim Hecker – Virgins

“…a struggle for true consciousness” – by Benjamin Bland

Echoes of the Future 81: Two Trick Horse

“If you can master that balancing act then do everything yourself…” – DIY fighting talk as Benjamin Bland talks to Leeds trio Two Trick Horse

Echoes of the Future 80: Bearfoot Beware

“What’s next? Galactic Domination!!!” – Leeds favourite Bearfoot Beware get the Echoes of the Future treatment from Benjamin Bland…

Aderlating – Spear of Gold and Seraphim Bone, Part Two

“…as the world of music is ripped apart by storms of putrid rotting ambience” – by Benjamin Bland

Hidden Currents – Carefully Planned Festival

With the third edition of the Manchester festival just around the corner we spoke to Carefully Planned organiser Matthew Boycott-Garnett about what has quickly become one of the most appealing weekend events in the UK…

Godzilla Black – The Great Terror

“…a rock band that’s here to devour you whole, but without the courtesy to wait until you are actually looking” – by Benjamin Bland

Incubate Festival 2013: Ten Highlights

“Incubate is, in a sense, the perfect music festival…” – by Benjamin Bland

Echoes of the Past 19: Nirvana – In Utero

“Whilst it would be easy to sit back and claim that this is a record that has had its influence vastly overstated by legions of critics in the years since its release, in fact it’s nigh on impossible to do so seriously…” – by Benjamin Bland

Matana Roberts – Coin Coin Chapter Two: Mississippi Moonchile

“…not so much rewarding as genuinely thought-provoking” – by Benjamin Bland

Echoes of the Future 78: Shields

“Skull fucking rhythms” – Shields, a bunch of charming Yorkshire lads playing medieval power rock, give us the lowdown on their story – by Benjamin Bland

Music vs Noise 06: How I Make My Music (Postdrome)

Postdrome (Charlie Floyd) takes us behind the scenes of his brilliant dark ambient / drone compositions in the latest Music vs Noise…

Echoes of the Future 77: Youth Man

“If we told you that, we’d have to kill you.” Stern words from Youth Man to Benjamin Bland…

Carlton Melton – Always Even

Easing into Always Even is like easing into a particularly tranquil dream… – by Benjamin Bland

Echoes of the Future 76: Sectioned

“How did our local scene impact us? It inspired us to write heavier music…” – by Benjamin Bland

Echo Chamber 13: Is It Worth Complaining About the Mercury Music Prize?

The same old argument, but worth repeating. Benjamin Bland on the Mercury Prize shortlist 2013…

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