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Provocateur/Connoisseur of all things dark and grisly. Freelance writer/published author addicted to metal of the highest order. Al Necro lives and writes in Manila, Philippines.

Abandon hope, all ye who read Al Necro!

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Pale Horseman – The Fourth Seal

Pale Horseman should find fans who love this style of music and fans should find the band endearing for the simple fact that music like theirs is easy to enjoy.

Excoriate – …Of the Ghastly Stench

The band Excoriate is a unique entity. This band is from Chile and is not the other death metal band from Germany with the same name. Their latest venture into the swampy wastelands that inspire their artwork and sound is called ‘…Of the Ghastly Stench’. It is wise to simply note that this band is old-school, and don’t simply subscribe to trends.

Cemetery Urn – Cemetery Urn

Deep in the catacombs in some distant derelict region, there must be the sound of water trickling, the smell of decay, mold, mildew, and the darkness of a sewage tank that never sees the light of day. In this nether region on earth are left bodies meant to be forgotten forever. This putrid scenario is perfect imagery for Cemetery Urn’s self-titled full-length. Cemetery Urn’s full-length self-titled effort is their best so far. It is their most ingenious, innovative musical output yet.

The Lurking Fear – Out of the Voiceless Grave

So, for old-school death metal that is can’t-miss and is easier to acquire than a dozen obscure Altar albums, bow down and chow down on some liver and lima beans while you check out The Lurking Fear’s debut album, ‘Out of the Voiceless Grave’. It’s like that Texas Roadhouse full of chainsaws out-back. There aren’t spoons and forks available for guests and anyone who asks for chopsticks are getting served next.

Nekhrah – Cosmic Apostasy

Got something to say about politics? Join a political news thread. Here’s news for you – Nekhrah’s ‘Cosmic Apostasy’ kicks ass! It should smack yours up! Make that a headline.

In Twilight’s Embrace – Vanitas

Intelligent black metal like In Twilight’s Embrace’s ‘Vanitas’, trumps mass-media marketing. You are invited to a full-length album’s worth of musical progression in metal. Should you accept this, you will likely be able to experience catharsis, and should you decline, you will with all likelihood, forever plead ignorance.

Devil’s Emissary – Demiurge Asceticism

Sacred and spiritual, underground but proud, Devil’s Emissary and its latest effort, ‘Demiurge Asceticism’ proves that the underground explosion of black/death metal efforts is still rife with quality examples the sub-genre has to offer.

Necrovorous – Plains of Decay

‘Plains of Decay’ sees Necrovorous up the ante by a great deal, shredding, chugging, tremolo-picking with urgency as though the band knew that their second full-length album had to break some necks to live up to their growing kvlt reputation. They do that and more fortunately.

Acephalix – Decreation

So, we at Echoes and Dust will cover bands we think you’ll want to check out regardless of hype. Acephalix has a new album. It’s called ‘Decreation’. It deserves a listen. Want mass acceptance as a prerequisite to supporting an album? Look elsewhere.

Pyrrhon – What Passes for Survival

Years after the deserved demise of the tech death trend, Pyrrhon shows audiences how the genre would have stayed relevant, if only for the skills and songwriting abilities the band members of Pyrrhon retain, much less for bands that can assume only a fraction of Pyrrhon’s talent and vision.

Throne of Heresy – Decameron (Review + Exclusive Track Premiere)

Try Throne of Heresy’s quality effort rife with originality and musicianship, the sort that history lovers will appreciate. ‘Decameron’ suits the intelligent metal fan. For a change of pace, consider a retrospective on one of mankind’s darkest periods, and an album that attempts to tell the stories in the form of music fitting that darkness.

Vacivus – Temple of the Abyss

Vacivus does a good job on ‘Temple of the Abyss’. It is a good release to bring friends together for a fun listening session, and is excellent inspiration should a metal fan be in search of quality music to provide some backdrop to while busy brainstorming.

Merrimack – Omegaphilia

Merrimack’s latest album, ‘Omegaphilia’, is stoked in second wave-inspired frenzied tempos without the catchy song writing and simpler structure. I like it, but don’t love it.

Centuries of Decay – Centuries of Decay (Review + Exclusive Album Premiere)

The guys on Centuries of Decay put many ideas into the music, and their self-titled album should rival those of djent bands that put little credence into expanding the template. In other words, fans should give this a listen to judge for themselves. Calling them djent is presumptuous. On the other hand, praising them for the worthy effort is only done deservedly.

Entrails – World Inferno

Swedeath fans need to gather around and support the bands that keep this sub-genre alive. For the fans, by fans, Entrails’ World Inferno is quality Swedish death metal, without being either monumental, or disappointing. Die-hards will not intentionally miss a chance to hear a record so heavy, brutal and well-executed, but casual fans will notice the brutality and either find this too brutal or too genre-specific. Either way, Entrails should be proud of another welcome effort.

Interview with Necrot

Al Necro recently had a chat with Necrot about their album ‘Blood Offerings’, and he was stoked to hear that Necrot are just getting started releasing material.

Paganizer – Land of Weeping Souls

Solid song structure all throughout, ‘Land of Weeping Souls’ may not please too many jaded fans who are into more forward-thinking, progressive acts, but fans like me who will never admit to harboring a distaste for Swedish death metal will love this to bits.

Entrench – Through the Walls of Flesh

I’ve followed Entrench since their debut album ‘Inevitable Decay’ won me over, and I am pleased to say that the band’s latest album ‘Through the Walls of Flesh’ reignites my fondness for their material.

Uttertomb – Necrocentrism: The Necrocentrist

‘Necrocentrism’ reminds me of the band Set, and fans of that band will dispute said comparison because Set utilizes more traditional song structure than Uttertomb does. If you like the sound of volcanic ash sweeping through the plains and engulfing towns, burying the townsmen alive where they stand, you’ll like the wall of sound the band makes while blasting.

Abazagorath – Disciples of Sacrilege

‘Disciples of Sacrilege’ is easily Abazagorath’s best work, most intense, most nuanced and most complex.

Suffocation – …Of The Dark Light

Suffocation is clearly a beloved institution. They’ve never released a truly bad album, and with ‘…Of The Dark Light’, they sound like they’re getting even better.

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