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I am very old. Went to my first gig in 1976, when Pounds were still made of paper and you didn't need to spend sixty of them to see a band. Been to quite a few since then.A confirmed member of Team Post-rock, but I like all sorts of things. Except jazz. And country & western. And Nickelback, obviously, but that kinda goes without saying, really, doesn't it?Can't be bothered with vinyl. It really doesn't sound better. No, don't argue, it doesn't. MP3s are just fine with me, but my favourite format is 'LIVE'. I shall continue to be 'that old guy' at gigs, and if the youngsters don't like it, they can kiss my hairy fat arse.I have several hats, but only ever wear one at a time, and contrary to the evidence of my profile pic, my head is not made of wood. It is, however, fat, bald and ugly, and it would spoil your day if you saw it.I have an alter-ego who makes live music videos, but we don't talk about him and nobody knows who he  is**Everybody knows who he is.

Articles by Bruce Cowie

In Photos: Polymath, Vasa, DCON, Chrissie Barnacle

Polymath, Vasa, Danny, Champion Of Nothing, Chrissie Barnacle Presented by ANTIMANIFESTO at The Banshee Labirynth, Edinburgh, 16.10.2014 Photos by Bruce Cowie

In Photos: BongCauldron, Nomad, Dune

BongCauldron, Nomad, Dune The Banshee Labirynth, Edinburgh, 11.09.2014 Photos by Bruce Cowie

In Photos: The Shaking Sensations, Gothenburg Address, We Came From The North

The Shaking Sensations, The Gothenburg Address, We Came From The North Opium, Edinburgh, 10.09 2014 Photos by Bruce Cowie

Live: RM Hubbert and Emma Pollock – Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh. August 20th, 2014.

Bruce Cowie went to see a very intimate gig by RM Hubbert at the Queen’s Hall in Edinburgh, with support by Emma Pollock.

Okkur – Whispering Mountain

It’s warm, summery post-rock. Gentle and relaxing. Joyful but not exuberant. I love it, really I do. By Bruce Cowie

Live: Crippled Black Phoenix – Liquid Room, Edinburgh. May 25th, 2014.

“Next time I see them, the new songs will have settled into my brain and I will accept them as old friends. And Crippled Black Phoenix will continue to be fucking awesome.” by Bruce Cowie

Interview: A Fight You Can’t Win

With Edinburgh band A Fight You Can’t Win calling it quits, Bruce Cowie chats with these noise creators one more time to find out more. ‘Thank you and goodnight’.

Interview: A Storm of Light

Bruce Cowie had a virtual chat with Josh Graham of A Storm of Light about the band, the latest album and the upcoming tour.

Live: God Is An Astronaut and Nordic Giants, ABC2, Glasgow, 11th March 2014

Someone will, later, describe the set as a ‘masterclass in progressive rock music’, and he’s bang on. God Is An Astronaut are supremely tight and solid. Their musicianship is impeccable. But personally I’m finding my attention wandering. Maybe it’s because I can see bugger all, maybe it’s because I can hear little variation from song to song. To be sure, there were stand-out moments, but all too much of the 100 minute set passed me by in a blur. By Bruce Cowie.

Echoes of the Past 26: Hawkwind – Hall of the Mountain Grill

“The first thing to show me there was interesting stuff out there” – by Bruce Cowie

Live: Daughn Gibson, Brokeback & May He Go – Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh. November 26th, 2013.

“Promising youngsters, blissful desert blues and sexy goth-country”, Bruce Cowie’s words on the Daughn Gibson, Brokeback & May He Go’s gig at Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh.

Live: Billy Ray Osiris, Kwoon, Jonathan Snee – Bar Bloc, Glasgow. November 14th, 2013.

Bruce Cowie went to Bar Bloc in Glasgow to witness the madness of a special 13-piece performance by Billy Ray Osiris (or Orkestra). Kwoon and Jonathan Snee were also playing.

Doomina – Beauty

These songs are bursting, EXPLODING with life and joy and glory and passion. And that’s what post-rock should do. By Bruce Cowie

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