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I am very old. Went to my first gig in 1976, when Pounds were still made of paper and you didn't need to spend sixty of them to see a band. Been to quite a few since then.A confirmed member of Team Post-rock, but I like all sorts of things. Except jazz. And country & western. And Nickelback, obviously, but that kinda goes without saying, really, doesn't it?Can't be bothered with vinyl. It really doesn't sound better. No, don't argue, it doesn't. MP3s are just fine with me, but my favourite format is 'LIVE'. I shall continue to be 'that old guy' at gigs, and if the youngsters don't like it, they can kiss my hairy fat arse.I have several hats, but only ever wear one at a time, and contrary to the evidence of my profile pic, my head is not made of wood. It is, however, fat, bald and ugly, and it would spoil your day if you saw it.I have an alter-ego who makes live music videos, but we don't talk about him and nobody knows who he  is**Everybody knows who he is.

Articles by Bruce Cowie

Telepathy, Zaum and Kylver – The Cluny, Newcastle

Bruce Cowie drove from Edinburgh to Newcastle to see Telepathy with support from Zaum and Kylver. “…pummelling post-metal crunch with gentler post-rock interludes, like a mash-up of Pelican and Explosions in the Sky, but better than both”

Glories – There Is No Stillness

To re-cycle an old faithful cliché here, Glories are not trying to re-invent any wheels, but what they have done is take a familiar, well-loved wheel and polish it, refine it, maybe add a nice new tyre, and pump it up to just the right pressure to give you the smoothest, most comfortable ride you could ever want.

Damnation Festival 2016

Bruce Cowie reports back from another successful Damnation Festival in Leeds. Which includes a few words by Sander van den Driesche as well.

Live Review: Half Formed Things, Kapil Seshsayee & Alex Auldsmith

Bruce Cowie saw Half Formed Things present their debut EP at Leith Depot in Edinburgh with support from Kapil Seshsayee and Alex Auldsmith. “Half Formed Things are absolutely one of the best bands in Edinburgh right now.”

Cody Noon – Bobowler

It occurs to me that Bobowler is a bit like a cat. Languid, almost lazy. A bit creepy, sometimes. Slinky and elegant with minimum effort. Invite it in, give it the time and space it deserves, let it poke about in the corners and sit on your second favourite chair. Cherish it, and it will reward you. By Bruce Cowie

Live Review: Maybeshewill, You Slut! & Flood of Red – Stereo, Glasgow

“Thank you, Maybeshewill, for one of the best gigs ever. Thank you for just having been around for all those years. Thanks, even, for those less-than-awesome gigs, because they were still better than many of your peers could manage. Thank you, and goodbye.” – By Bruce Cowie

Live Review: A Mote of Dust and Finn LeMarinel – The Hug & Pint, Glasgow.

“If there’s any justice, we’ll be back sometime soon calling out for the likes of Circus and Wolves as loudly as for any of the old songs. And Craig B will still be one of the best singer/songwriters out there. Anywhere.” By Bruce Cowie.

Ai Margini Della Città – Ai Margini Della Città

I genuinely look forward to hearing where they go from here. There’s good stuff to be had here, good but not yet exceptional. – By Bruce Cowie

My Sleeping Karma – Moksha

My Sleeping Karma’s latest album ‘Moksha’ is exactly as it should be, and it’s just grand. – By Bruce Cowie

Live Review: Dialects, Waking Aida and Verse Metrics – Henry’s Cellar Bar, Edinburgh. May 10th, 2015.

Bruce Cowie went to see Glasgow based math rockers Dialects at Henry’s Cellar Bar in Edinburgh, with support from Walking Aida and Verse Metrics.

TIDINGS – Death Leaves a Bright Trail

‘Death Leaves a Bright Trail’ is pure class. This is TIDINGS purified and distilled, triple filtered like the finest vodka. – By Bruce Cowie

In Photos: Skyharbor with sleepmakeswaves

Skyharbor with sleepmakeswaves Cathouse, Glasgow, 18.03.2015 Photos by Bruce Cowie sleepmakeswaves at Cathouse sleepmakeswaves at Cathouse sleepmakeswaves at Cathouse sleepmakeswaves at Cathouse sleepmakeswaves at Cathouse sleepmakeswaves at Cathouse s …

Flies Are Spies From Hell – Underdog Underfoot

Is it the greatest thing ever? Probably not, but right now it sounds like a shoe-in for my Album of the Year list. It’s everything I wanted it to be. I’d rather not have had to wait six years for it, but I can live with that. By Bruce Cowie

Interview: Sarah Cuthbert-Kerr from Wozniak

Some of the E&D team saw Wozniak in action last weekend and were pretty blown away. These guys are the real deal, no question, fusing powerful shoegaze with elements of psych and post punk in to a heady and exciting brew. Just prior to that show, Bruce Cowie caught up with Sarah to find out a bit more about the band and what they’re up to.

Live review: Sonic Mass – Day 2

Bruce Cowie was at the inaugural Sonic Mass Weekender at Bannermans Bar in Edinburgh. Here is his review of Day 2, which includes Space Witch, Ommadon, Buried Sleeper and Dune.

Live review: Sonic Mass – Day 1

Bruce Cowie was at the inaugural Sonic Mass Weekender at Bannermans Bar in Edinburgh. Here is his review of Day 1, which includes Hey Colossus, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, BRITNEY, Voe and Star Turbine.

In Photos: Pianos Become The Teeth, Silver Snakes, Talons, New Native

Pianos Become The Teeth, Silver Snakes, Talons, New Native Audio, Glasgow, 29.01.2015 Photos by Bruce Cowie

Eupana – So Many Suns

‘So Many Suns’ is pure joy. If I had known of Eupana last year when this album was released, it would have made my year-end Top 20 list, Hell, it would have been in the top 5. – By Bruce Cowie

In Photos: Helmet

Helmet The Cathouse, Glasgow, 29.10.2014 Photos by Bruce Cowie

In Photos: United Fruit, Fatalists, We Ate Them Off The Floor

United Fruit, Fatalists, We Ate Them Off The Floor Opium, Edinburgh, 21.10.14 Photos by Bruce Cowie

Obake – Mutations

This, to my ears at least, is a soundtrack to a visit to Hell. Not the comedy ‘Hail Satan!’ Hell of nail-studded wrist-bands, corpse paint and inverted crosses, but a reeking, burning pit of endless darkness and pain. – By Bruce Cowie

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