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Little Arrow – Furious Finite

By going deeper they have made sure they can now go further with their music and have evolved into one of the most interesting progressive folk bands for a long time. By Martyn Coppack

Frank Turner – The Third Three Years

I personally enjoy alternate version of familiar songs and I have no doubt that this project will be hugely popular with Frank’s growing legion fans. For those fans it is a treasured glimpse into mindset of Frank Turner the man. By Alan Ewart

In Photos: Anaal Nathrakh with Sidious, Premature Birth and Praesepe

Anaal Nathrakh with Sidious, Premature Birth and Praesepe The Boston Music Room, London, 5.11.2014 Photos by Tamar Elderton – Captain Metal

Ronan Conroy – Discontent

Like the best of Leonard Cohen’s work you will want to listen to this when you are in reflective mood and want to be challenged by what you are listening to. I loved it and cannot wait for the next instalment. By Alan Ewart

Festival Review: Nightmare Festival – Various Venues, Camden, London. Saturday 1st November, 2014

Overall, the first year of Nightmare is a great success, providing a fantastic platform for brand new bands to showcase their material. by Remfry Dedman

The Twilight Sad – Nobody Wants To Be Here And Nobody Wants To Leave

With their fourth album, The Twilight Sad have returned to a heavier guitar-driven sound, but with a more approachable sound that contains some of their best material. By Kevin Scott

Solemn Sun – §

The plea “Take me as I am. I know you understand.” opens ‘30:10’. I’ll very happily do that with these boys, and I look forward to a full LP. This is a promising beginning to their exclusively-sibilant life. By Phil Makepeace

Interview: Filipe Van Huylenbroeck from If Anything Happens To The Cat

If Anything Happens To The Cat is an indie post-rock band based in Ghent, Belgium. They are releasing their debut full length album Sun Drunk Moon and to find out more about these post rockers we send Daniela Patrizi to track them down and pop a few questions.

Live Review: Anathema at Koko, London. 26th September, 2014

“The tsunami of passion pouring from the stage is pulverising. Give us a break, guys. Save something for later! Not a chance.” – Chris McGarel

Lutine – White Flowers

White Flowers is an engaging and charming record that will find many a fan from those who already like this sort of thing, and a fair few converts among those who normally don’t. By Si Forster

Live Review: Spock’s Beard at The Dome, Tufnell Park, London. 18th September, 2014

That’s the kind of night this is – for all the technical wizardry and brain-melting time signatures there is a party atmosphere. The band ham it up and are clearly having as much fun with their shtick as we are witnessing it. – Chris McGarel

Last Builders of Empire – Post War

Unlike most post-rock bands with their on/off switch when it comes to ambience and walls of sounds, Last Builders of Empire smoothly transition between the two, which makes for a much more enjoyable listening experience. By Foofer

North Atlantic Oscillation – The Third Day

This is the sound of progressive music in 2014 but with a broad appeal outside that genre’s demographic. A highlight of the year so far no matter how clumsily you try to define or pigeonhole it. By Chris McGarel

Winter Isle – Eilean

A surprisingly short yet wonderfully bittersweet album. By Amy Murphy

Row Boat – Romance

There isn’t much to describe Row Boat’s latest release other than Beautiful. The Romance theme is far too strong to ignore, upgrading this from a very impressive EP, to a very impressive *conceptual* EP. It’s definitely worth a listen if you’re into sad mountains, distant boats, or lonely birds. By Foofer

Live Review: Knifeworld at The Lexington, London. 5th September, 2014

“It is genuinely thrilling to watch – a seminal Canterbury-scene outfit with the whimsy sucked out and replaced by bile and laudanum.” by Chris McGarel

Pere Ubu – Carnival of Souls

Carnival of Souls is the 18th studio release by Pere Ubu. Once considered the underground sound of Cleveland, this album shows how a single band has profoundly shaped modern music. And they’re not about to slow down any time soon. By Nat Lyon

Live: Boris, Master Musicians of Bukkake, Marriages – The Crocodile, Seattle. 16th August, 2014

“Three incredible bands took to the Crocodile stage on Saturday night, and any of them could have just as easily headlined that show.” by Dylan Schink

John Mouse

John Davies and the Death of John MOuse: Interview

Yes, this might really be the death of John MOuse. John Davies was not kidding when he released the album entitled, The Death of John MOuse. John MOuse is just a character. John Davies runs the operation. And he’s thinking about sacking John MOuse.

This Burning Age – EP 2: Devotion

This Burning Age have crafted a brilliant marketing scheme, with excellent music to boot. What’s not to like? By Mark Angel Brandt.

John MOuse – The Death of John MOuse

On first listen, John Mouse might sound like a miserable bastard. On second listen you start to get the joke and latch on for the ride. Because it’s a good one. By Nat Lyon

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