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Articles by John Dickie

Interview: Jon Davis of Conan

With Conan’s new album Blood Eagle hitting the shops in a few days time, John Dickie asked guitarist/singer Jon Davis a bunch of questions.

Conan – Blood Eagle

Conan can be found on this record to have clearly progressed on all fronts while holding onto their low and loud sound. This is pure Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Metal. – By John Dickie

Slow Mover – Move Slower

Slow Mover sound like Torche with less dreamy brown sludge replaced with slam dunk dropped d fuzz of Red Fang. – By John Dickie

Interview: David Majury of Slomatics

John Dickie had a chat with David Majury of Northern Irish heavy doom band Slomatics, about their upcoming new release Estron, Sci Fi and other things.

Slomatics – Estron

Estron should really be a must purchase for anyone with a taste grounded in the alternative. – By John Dickie

Nine Inch Nails – Hesitation Marks

If Nine Inch Nails felt slightly obese at its end a few years back it has come back fitter, hungrier and better. – By John Dickie

Vom – Altered States

Altered States reminds me of what the Soft Moon and Belong attempted to do, tap into that nihlistic post-punk sound and do something with it. – By John Dickie

The Fifth Alliance – Unrevealed Secrets Of Ruin

Unrevealed Secrets Of Ruin is well made and sounds like something from a band you would expect to see at Roadburn. – By John Dickie

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