Nat Lyon


former anthropologist and technologist / currently musician and designer. part-time trouble maker with aspirations of going pro. currently being trained by Newfoundlands. constantly, constantly on the twitter machine.

Articles by Nat Lyon

John MOuse – Replica Figures

Replica Figures is the latest, and possibly the most ambitious release to date from John MOuse.

Emperor X – Oversleepers International

There is no answer to the calculus equation posed on Oversleepers International- there are open questions, dreams, and soul crushing realities packed into these 11 songs. Sometimes the they all intersect- and when the music locks in, and you find yourself like a dot on a very big map.

SARN – Postmodern Trash

SARN writes about complex social themes with humor and cynicism. PostModern Trash is a collection of nine clever, imaginative, and very heavy songs.

Mega Emotion – OK MAYBE OK

Mega Emotion is about to drop a new album- and if it sounds anything like their new single ‘OK MAYBE OK’ – this will be, in a word, mega. Melodic noise and anxiety are the new normal.

Emperor X – Wasted on the Senate Floor

An American ex-pat, living in Berlin, records the best political song of 2016. We need this. Now.

SARN – My Socks

Combine thoughtful songwriting with a cast of highly talented musicians and engineers, and an attitude that over-thinking a song will only ruin it, has resulted in a catalogue of very special songs. ‘My Socks’ is just one chapter in the story of SARN.

John Vanderslice – Mass Suicide Occult Figurines (re-issue)

When Julio Anta, founder of The Native Sound label pitched the idea to re-issue the album, Bob Weston signed on to re-master it, and Joe Williams created new album art- MSOF very much became a “new” album again and sounds like it could have been recorded yesterday. By Nat Lyon

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